Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raw Gingerbread Superstars

Winter Break Mission: Put a Dent in Recipe Making!!!
i always have 2309423094830 recipes I want to try, so my goal over winter break has been to put a dent in that list and whip up some tasty treats.

First on the list-raw gingerbread!!

Spotted: Katie and Averie getting it on with raw gingerbread men! I just had to join in on the action!

Raw Gingerbread
.75c dates
.75c raw almonds
1/4 tsp each ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg
tiny pinch sea salt
1/4 vanilla extract

Add everything to your food processer (or vita-mix if you're cool like that)

and process!!

Then I rolled it out between two sheets of parchament paper

and cut it out with cookie cutters!

The gingerbread, poodle and scottish terrier presses just weren't cutting it (pun intneded) so I stuck to good ol' stars-and then succumbed to balls.

Perfect snacks while doing some PLEASURE READING!!
(yes, when I do not have classes, I still read about nutrition/fitness. "Hungry gene" was very good-discussing the pitfalls of current obesity treatment and the need for continued research. I found it fascinating. "What Einstein Told His Cook 2"=an entire semester of food science in one book. A good refresher)

Have a great Wednesday, and come back on Friday for another Raw Recipe!!


Ricki said...

I love raw goodies like these! The mix of spices sounds spectacular here. :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooooh starfish! Too cute!

And how did I not know about Oatmeal Month?! Oh Elizabeth, what would I do without you? ;)

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Love the gingerbread action :) We are always reading/researching about fitness/health/nutrition. It is a habit of ours and we just enjoy it!! So keep up the reading girl :)