Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Brunch at Grezzo

Grezzo has a special little place in my heart. Its the only 100% raw restaurant in Boston and its hidden away in this adorable little nook in the NorthEnd. I have never been disappointed with a meal there. And their desserts are to die for! (I have a huge sweet tooth!)
This is Alissa Cohen's premiere raw restaurant, and it was her book "Living on Live Foods" which first introduced me to the raw lifestyle. I still reference it! She was actually at the restaurant today, which is always cool. They recently opened up for lunch, which is oh so wonderful. I went with a friend today, and surprise! they were having a Post-Valentine's Day Brunch! I'm a huge fan of getting a variety of dishes and sharing, so we tried the Lobster Mushroom Salad and Cold-Smoked Papaya Sashimi. Both were incredible. The papaya was definitely my favorite though. They slice ripe papaya very thin, and serve it with a flax-caraway cracker and dill scallion macadamia cheese, and its just like a lox bagel! The papaya has the most exquisite flavor!

The Lobster Mushrooms had a dill cashew cream on them, and came with a spicy corn chip and avacado mango side.

"Would you like dessert?" Isn't even a question when I go to Grezzo, because the answer is always yes! Guilt-free, beautiful, delicious desserts are all I ever want in life. I usually go for something with raw cocao (their brownie sundae is to die for), but I'd never tried lucuma before, so we opted for the Lucuma caramel cheesecake, made from apples, hazelnut cheese, and a cranberry-hazelnut crust. It was very good, and Lucuma is very interesting. Not quite as I remember caramel tasting, but tasty in its own way. I'm really glad we tried it!

I wish I could go to Grezzo every single day. If you're ever looking for somewhere to eat in Boston, you simply must try it!