Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ThinkOrganic Bars

Tried these out.

Not about to replace Larabars as my go-to raw fruit and nut bar, but they weren't bad. I'm not a huge fan on shredded coconut in bars, (just a taste thing, I LOVE young coconuts and am not one bit concerned about the saturated fat in them). Apparently the creator and CEO is a former model who is "committed to living a life of vitality – educating myself on nature's nourishing foods, foods that gave me optimism, hope, and help, that invigorated and delighted me." That sounds good to me! I can't find the cashew-pecan or cherry-nut at my Whole Foods, but maybe I would like those better. I always love trying new things though!
The Potluck last night was fun. Annabelle made delicious vegan protein power bars and did a Kombucha demo and Dory made a fat-free vegan chocolate beet cake! SFBU is DEFINITELY not a vegan club, it just happens that a lot of us love vegan food! We also talked to CampusKitchens about the possibility of starting something in Boston, lots of good conversation about waste, hunger and how we can do things to reduce both. Watch for a post soon on the topic!
Happy Hump Day!


Annabelle Ho said...

you need to go to 88 and get yourself a young coconut! when i got one it the coconut water was sweeter (and there was more of it) than the mature coconuts. coconut water is also supposed to be a great sports drink with lots of electrolytes and minerals!

Michelle said...

I just love to hear about you college kids caring about your and public health! Campus Kitchens sounds interesting.