Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Food Causes

Feeling a bit of a crunch as of right now: I have 3 Mid-terms in Organic Chemistry, Food Science, and Lifecycle Nutrition next Monday and Tuesday, and I'll be busy all day Saturday at the Future of Food and Nutrition Conference. I had two of the most relaxing stress-free weeks ever and now its back to the "grind" oh well, only 5 more weeks and then I'm half-way done with my undergrad degree, and Spring appears to be staying, for now!

Good Foodie Causes:

Real Food Challenge is trying to win a grant from IdeaBlob: I voted and think you should too! RFC hosted Real Food Summit earlier this semester and they are a great organization centered around bringing real food-food that is good for us, good for the environment, and good for the workers into High Schools and Universities across America. "Created by youth, for youth, the Challenge is building a national network of young leaders ready to tackle one of the most important issues of our generation: our food. "

Taste of the Nation is in Boston next week, and I can't wait to Volunteer! 100% of ticket sales from Taste of the Nation are granted Share Our Strength, which is one of the most effective anti-hunger organizations working to end childhood hunger in America.

Running: I finally got an account at MapMyRun which I am loving!!!!! I got some books from the library about training for marathons, and once this hell week is over, I can start to work on that-something which I am very excited about!

I also broke down and got a Twitter account. I am actually enjoying it as well!

I will have a better post soon, I promise!!
Hope Spring is Gracing you with her presence!

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Annabelle Ho said...

i got a twitter account!
now i have to figure out how to use it, tho. haha.
and i need to be working on exercise phys :(