Thursday, March 26, 2009

PB2 and Body Appreciation

Annabelle went on a little expedition over her spring break to find the elusive PB2. She tracked it down in a small fitness club about 30 minutes outside of Boston and picked us both up a jar.
2 tbs is only 53 calories compared to 200 of regular peanut butter, and since I LOVE peanut butter and can easily consume copious amounts, I really wanted to give it a try!
Unfortunately I was not pleased with the product. Verdict=not good. Taste is not as great- its really difficult to get a good consistency! Mine usually ended up a little too watery. It really just taste like reconstituted peanut butter. Eating it plain is not recommended, but mixed with oatmeal or in home-made power bars- its acceptable.
I do not like how processed it is-its just not "natural"! Plus, its ridiculously expensive- about 7 dollars per jar. Also, they do not make a version without added sugar- apparently there is not "not enough demand." I just need to learn how to ration my real peanut butter, I could buy 3 jars of organic, sugarless pb for the same price!
Conclusion-it was an interesting experiment, but I won't be buying any more.
There's a great sideshow at Glamour about accepting your body- I highly recommend checking out the suggestions! While we may not be 100% satisfied with our bodies- the more you focus on the positive aspects, the greater you life-outlook will be. Everyone has their insecurities-my belly and I have never been best friends-but I am constantly amazed at the things my body can do, even with the stress I sometimes put it through! Appreciating and be grateful for what you have, instead of focusing on your imperfections will lead to a much better life! Think about all the time you waste zeroing in on negative aspects, and all the extra time you would have to devote to an activity you enjoyed if you cut that out!

I can not wait for next Tuesday-at 10pm when my life will be slightly less stressed!!! Organic Chemistry reactions are killing me- Chem is definitely not my forte! I'm off to purify Cholesterol in Lab- which is absolutely disgusting. I am so glad I do not consume any! I should have taken a photo-it looks like the by-product of Liposuction!

One of my favorite Boston bloggers Carrots N' Cake is having a great giveaway- An assorted case of PureBars!!! Tomorrow I'm going to buy a few to try- Word on the streets is that they are just as good-even better (gasp!!!)??? than Larabars. I'm Game!

Have a Wonderful Thursday!


janeterin said...

I was curious about that stuff after seeing it around the blog world, but I think I'll stick to my natural peanut butter in bulk and homemade nut butters!

Very happy to see that slideshow. There is so much more to people than what they weigh (or what they wear) and I wish people would stop putting themselves (and others!) down!

Sarah said...

I've been so intriqued by pb2 - hoping to get some samples in the mail soon - I think it would be fantastic in oatmeal or baked goods!!!

cute blog - I LOVE your title!! so creative!!

disa said...