Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raw Revolution Bars

I picked up a variety of RAW Revolution Bars at Food Fight Grocery and decided to try them out. Because I end up eating a lot on the run, I'm always looking for my new go-to bar. These sounded promising- 88-99% raw, USDA certified organic, 190-280 calories, 4-8 g of protein. Gluten, Soy, and Refined Sugar Free. The base for them is usually some sort of date, cashew, sprouted flax seed and then additions. Unfortunately I don't think these will be a repeat purchase. All and all I did not like the flavors, or the texture. A lot of them have added agave, which I don't feel is necessary, since they're all so sweet as is! I'm still holding true to my good ol' Lara bars!

Here are the bars I tried, starting with the one I liked best:

Tropical Mango- One of the smaller ones-this one had 190 calories, and no agave syrup. It was 99.5% raw (!) and the ingredients were dates-cashews-almonds-mango and sprouted flax. The mango was a pleasant taste and something you rarely see in these types of bars. This is the only flavor I would consider buying again.
Coconut and Agave Nectar-One of the bigger ones-270 calories 7 g of protein, 89.4% raw (they like to be precise!). Flavor-not so great, seriously these all taste like Malt Power Bars -if you've ever had one. I guess its the cashew base. I love cashews, but just not in this form. Also Coconut and Agave aren't anything special.
Chocolate and Cashew Big sized-280 cal, 8 g of protein, 91.7%raw. Like above, but with a chocolate kick. Again, why the agave? I'm pretty sure the dates would make it sweet enough!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-I was most excited about this one- Cookie Dough is usually the best flavor right? But this was too sweet and the choc chips were just ok. It only had 4 g of protein, and 200 calories. 88.5% raw
I did notice on the website that they have a hazelnut chocolate flavor-which I may try someday. Maybe, just maybe, it will taste like Nutella!!

The Sun was back today! Midterms are over!! Now I can get back to the fun stuff in life!
Chocolate Covered Katie is having the cutest giveaway ever! Her blog is adorable!
Ok coming soon: more bar reviews, future of food synopsis, more restaurant reviews and Taste of the Nation goodies!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Thanks girl!!! I entered you twice :)

Live(& Eat) Abundantly said...

your working for lara bar, aren't you? haha

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

lol, you'd think i was, the amount I praise them! but no, lara bars are just my favorite!