Monday, March 2, 2009


Despite the continued snow I'm still rooting for spring. Spring is so wonderful, days are longer, its warm but not too warm, and things start growing!!! Seeds are amazing, they lie dormant and then when conditions are right they metamorphose into a living entity! I'm trying to eat 100% raw this week, and so I'm sprouting! It is so easy and the living sprouts are so good for you! When you sprout seeds you make them much more digestible-the proteins begin to break down into amino acids, and the carbohydrates into their simple sugars. Enzyme and vitamin levels also increase, helping your body metabolize and digest the sprouts. The result is an easily digestible superfood!

Really it couldn't be easier. I buy my grains in bulk and 1 cup of the grain will yield 2-4 cups of sprouts! Basically, soak, rinse, let sprout, rinse, repeat for a couple days-the timing varies depending on what you are spouting (here's a sample chart.) With Wheat berries you soak them for 10-12 hours, and then drain and rinse, then let them spout for 3 days, rinsing and thoroughly draining 3 times a day (you don't want any mold!). Quinoa is even easier. You just let them soak for 3 hours and then let them spout for 1-2 days. I accidentally let mine soak for 8 hrs yesterday and they sprouted in record time. I am currently sprouting in jars, with a plastic sprout covers, and tilting them at a 45 degree angle, out of direct light. There isn't room in our dish rack to let them chill out, so I put them on my desk with a towel to pick up any lingering water.

Now what? Well, I've been tossing them on salads with Braggs Liquid Aminos, thyme and oregano or thai chilis.

I also made a pseudo manna bread by mixing the wheat berries and 2 dates in the food processor and adding cinnamon. I'm dehydrator-less, so it was more of a "dough" than a "bread" I guess.
Random: We had a snow day today which was very exciting! and its National Nutrition Month! yippee!


Annabelle Ho said...

looks good! i need to start sprouting!!!

Megan said...

your dough/bread sounds sooo good!

sprouting looks so COOL! i'm a little intimidated by it, it's very likely that I would manage to mess something up. but now i'm tempted to try it!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

You should both definitely try it! Its not hard at all, and pretty difficult to mess up!


Wish I had the guts to experiment with sprouting.