Thursday, April 2, 2009

12987789x better than Starbucks!

Coffee-the opium of the masses. Starbucks on every corner and caffeine oozing from our streets. But where can one find the most environmentally sustainable coffee? Well, getting "local" beans is out of the question (Boston is unfortunately not a tropical paradise). But how about coffee that is locally roasted? Coffee that is fair-trade so that the workers get a living wage? Coffee that is 100% organic? Natural Bean Organic Coffee, which recently opened at 250 Newbury St. in Boston is hoping to provide that for those of us who drink with a conscience. Everything in the cafe is 100% organic and locally sourced whenever possible. They distill their own water on site and all their cups are fully compostable. They have a wide selection of pastries and sandwiches and lots of vegan options! but wait, there's more: For their Grand Opening they are giving out Free Coffee or Tea!! If you are in the Boston area definitely stop by!! Trade out your Starbucks for a local business that guarantees a more fair and environmentally sustainable brew!

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Annabelle Ho said...

looks good! i need to stop by this place sometime!