Saturday, April 18, 2009

Genki Ya

My current obsession: Genki Ya-All Natural Organic Japanese Cuisine in the Heart of Brookline! (398 Harvard Ave, right before Coolidge Corner, if you're familiar with the area) My roommate introduced me to this little gem, and I'm hooked! Tiny little restaurant dedicated to serving all-natural, organic sushi and other Japanese dishes! The space is adorable- not many tables, brightly lit and bamboo everywhere! And they have the sweetest, most attentive waitstaff on the planet.
But most importantly the food is amazing! They have a very extensive menu, and all the sushi can be made with brown or multigrain rice. Grade A Fish if you're omni and a delightful array of all veg rolls! I had the fruit roll with multigrain rice. The Fruit roll comes with banana, mango and avocado and was delightful! A wonderful mixture of sweet and savory with interesting varying textures. Jury is still out on what exactly the multigrain rice is-but it was delicious! I think it was a black forbidden rice with black soybeans, but can't be sure-it was almost a deep red color (I'm asking next time they were just soo busy last night!) I also ordered a generous side of kim-chi, which I was craving for some reason! (no idea why this will not upload correctly!!)
They also have an impressive organic wine and sake list. AND icing on the cake is that its REALLY reasonable-dare I even say cheap??? My roll was 5 dollars, the huge serving of kim-chee was 4. My roommate got miso soup, 10+ huge nigiri and 2 maki rolls for 20 dollars! Personally I think it was a steal!

So thank you Genki Ya for a delightful Friday Dinner, after a long day of Presenting/listening to my classmates do our Lab Final for Food Science! Today's Agenda- Work on Lab Write-up, Orgo, Go to the Boston Skillshare, Sports & Fitness Expo, and get some new kicks at Niketown!

And Speaking of Organic- Did you hear that the EPA is JUST NOW requiring that pesticide manufacturers test that their products are SAFE???? SCARY!


Lee Ryan said...

Wow - that sounds awesome! I used to jog down Harvard Ave back when I was in grad school across the river. (Days when I couldn't decide whether to aim for Chestnut Hill resevoir or Jamaica Pond; I'd change my mind half-way and cut down Harvard ave.) Wasn't smart enough to drop in at Genki Ya.

Annabelle Ho said...

mmmmm that looks good! i really need to drop by there sometime! said...

That place looks awesome! I have a sushi place I have to take you in SF when you're here for the race! It's called Tataki and it's one of the only sustainable sushi places in the US. They have a vegetarian menu, too!