Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Marathon Monday was wonderful (classes are canceled) and soooo inspiring! We'll see how Nike Women's goes, but I would love to run Boston some day! I couldn't help notice the catwalk of running fashion that flew by me! Can't wait to pick out my race-day outfit!!

In honor of our Mother Earth, I'm doing a mini post about some "green" suggestions in areas of my life that I try to do, and am working on. You have probably heard them before, but it never hurts to reiterate!

Eat: I already did a big post on another "green" holiday about why organic, local vegan food is the most sustainable choice. Diet contributes 15-30% of our carbon footprint. Eating meat is not the most sustainable diet-besides producing fewer net calories, meat production also produces quite a bit of greenhouse gases. In fact Livestock's Long Shadow: An amazing document by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that describes the effect of Livestock on Climate Change. This graph is my favorite:
Try eating vegan for a day or two, if you're not already!! We don't just eat Tofu and Rice!! (Check out my blog roll for some of my fav vegan/recipe sites!!)
Check out this calculator to see the carbon footprint of your diet!

Drink: Use a reusable water bottle! Fill up via drinking fountains! Cheap, and nothing to throw out! Drink your coffee/tea in a reusable mug!

Run Green
-Recycle old running/athletic shoes: Most Niketown Stores have a place where can drop off old shoes
-Buy a shoe made out of recycled materials!! Brooks recently designed a new, lightweight shoebox made from 100-percent recycled paperboard! They also have the BioMoGo midshole that biodegrades at a much faster rate than a traditional midsole!
-Run (or walk) to Work or literally "run errands" instead of driving!!
Don't Forget! Reduce, Reuse Recyle!!! Don't buy super-packaged stuff! Use reuseable bags! Recycle as much as possible! Buy in Bulk! Bring big bags everywhere! Look at what you throw away (something i realllllllllllyyyyy need to work on!) Check out this inspiring mission to throw (darn close to) nothing way for a year!

Buy: I do love to shop-so I try to frequent thrift and consignment stores for cheap, recycled treasures! Also, I try to buy from environmentally responsible companies! (check out Greenloop for starts!)

Do It In the Dark!! Don't forget to turn off those lights when you leave! Also, unplug any electronics, since they are technically always using energy, awaiting the push of the on-button (something I REALLY need to work on remembering!!)

GET OUTSIDE- GO ENJOY MOTHER EARTH IN HER FULL SPLENDOR!! go hike, go run, go walk, go stop and smell the flowers, breathe! (please stay sunny boston, please!!)

Stuck Inside?? Blog Green! Two of my favorite blogs dedicated to the "green" lifestyle, which I read regularly: prettygreengirl (and enter to win her green toothpaste giveaway!) and greenfork
Don't forget to print on recycled paper, and use both sides of the paper

Let's work to incorporate a little bit of earth day every day!
Word to your MOTHER!!


Annah said...

I live in Brighton and I'm so happy to have found your blog :) I'm vegan and will be going back to school this year to get a 2nd degree and eventually become a dietitian too. I can't wait to read more! said...

I totally spaced on commenting the other day but I LOVE your suggestions! I need to drop off my old sneaks, in fact - thanks for the reminder! And thanks so much for the link - I'm so glad you won!!!

Can't wait for Nike Women's!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Thank Annah! Nice to "meet" you! Where are you returning to school? I love my studies and I love being vegan! Hope you like my blog!

and thank YOU, Janet! Nike Women's is going to be great!

Annah said...

I think I am going to start by just doing the online classes through Kansas State's program. I would love to take classroom courses, but with work it's probably not an option. Wish I had picked Nutrition and not Sociology the first time around! :)