Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Healthworks and New Shoes!

Hey there! My life lately has just been working and working out! wahoo!! Mid-April I purchased a 24-class pass with Groupon to Healthworks gym for 20 dolla. So I'm sampling all the fun classes they have to offer! Healthworks is just for Women, and I'm really enjoying my temporary membership! They have a wide array of fitness classes, GREAT locker rooms, and several locations in Boston to choose from! I took advantage of their sauna and hot tub last week which was very nice! My pass expires next week, so I'm trying to squeeze a bunch in, since I was too busy earlier in the month for classes! Here's some of the classes I have tried:

Smart Bells-I'd heard about this weird shaped weight classes, and it was very interesting. You swing this thing that looks like a metal steering wheel, and it builds strength as well as flexibility. It is an alternative to weight training with dumb-bells.

Bosu Challenge- GREAT WORKOUT!! The instructor, Tracie, was soooooooo energetic-she was literally bouncing off the wall-it was great! She really challenged us with one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment-the Bosu!

Body Pump: Tracie also teaches Body Pump, and while my arms were pretty fatigued from Bosu Challenge right before, I decided to do them back to back. Body Pump is a 60 minute barbell group exercise class that works your entire body. Body Pump is cool because 1) you work all the major muscle groups and 2) you individualize the workout by selecting the weight at each interval. I also find it useful to do weight training in a group setting-it makes me stick to my reps and sets! All Body Pump instructors are trained in the same manner, so the workout is consistant no matter where you take a class. This could be a pro or a con; personally, I like mixing things up and get bored with classes that are always the same! But if you crave consistancy, this is for you!
Vinyasa Yoga- I love the instructor at the Healthworks Backbay who teaches Level 2 Vinyasa- great challenge!

Cardio Dance- We learned a fun little routine, but it wasn't that great of a cardio workout
Nia- I saw this listed on the class schedule, and had no idea what it was, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I'd say its a mix between martial arts, lyrical dance and mediation. It was fun! All about expression and letting your body tell you what it feels, being in the moment! Not a great workout per se, but fun nonetheless. I think it would be great for those with injuries or just starting out on an exercise program!

Bellydancing- Which I love! Belly dancing is so great, and I love the way it works your core, without any crunches!

PunkRope: I usually really dislike jump rope. I always end up tripping over it and it frustrates me. I'd rather just bounce bounce bounce in place. This was a really fun class. Its meant to be like an adult recess- relays, "games" jumprope intervals, switching with each punk rock song. Really fun!

Urban Rebounding: Bouncing on mini trampolines seems more like play than a workout! But I definitely worked up a sweat!

I've also tried some of their pilates and kickboxing classes. Its amazing how important a factor the instructor is in my liking a class or not. For instance, I normally enjoy a good spin workout, but I took a class at Healthworks and it was not at all upbeat, the energy in the room was just dead. If that had been my introduction to Spin, I probably would have never taken another class! But I can't wait to go to Bosu Challenge again, cause Tracie is so great! Just things I need to keep in mind since I start teaching at FitRec in a week! Cardio Kickboxing will be my jam! I still have a lot of prep work to do, but I'm excited!

And I bought some new shoes, just for my gym classes! I don't want to add even more miles onto my running shoes, so I opted for some Nike Fitness Shoes- "Quick Sister"

I'm glad I got them. I was talking to the saleman and he said that running shoes are built just for forward movement. These have a more flexible sole that allows for movement in all direction, and better balence and stability. I can definitely tell a difference! Love them!

Copley Farmers Market Opens today in Boston, which I'm headed to now!! Oh summer, I am so excited to enjoy your bounty! Its been a long winter in New England, and spring has been a little temptress!!

Have a Great Tuesday!


Live(& Eat) Abundantly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love workout classes. THe bosu is one of my faves too :)
That weight -steering wheel thing looks like fun.

My old roommate used to work at marathon sports, so she gave me the low down on the different types of sneakers- such as running and built for unidirectional, versus aerobic class ones more stability. I'm cheap and only have one pair - but i'm not too intense of a work-outer so I figure its ok? though with all my foot problems I should probably be nicer to them.

keep up the great working out! I have to get my butt to the gym soon myself.

Ingrid said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you will try some of the raw recipes, especially the sweet ones for your sweet tooth. :-)

It sounds like you found a great trial deal at the gym. I'm curious about the Smart Bells, very interesting. BTW, I lived in Boston and loved it! Copley Sqaure...aw I miss it there.

Virginia Janet said...

Nike fitness shoes are really a brilliant choice for gym. I have a same pair.