Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is Good

Today has just been a lovely day, and I feel like sharing!! I woke up bright and early (6am) to prep for the Step class I was co-teaching as part of my Group Ex. Instructor Training. It went really well and was a blast! I can't wait to teach classes! Then I picked up my Nike+ Sports Kit from the Post Office-which I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY TOMORROW- and went to chem. Had an awesome Spin Class at noon, and then came home, freshened up and interviewed at Grezzo for a waitressing position. Alissa Cohen herself interviewed me-she's AMAZING. I love love love Grezzo and would love to work there!! I also had an interview at Clear Flour yesterday-I need a job for the Summer! I would love to work at both places, its hard though, with the economy-everyone's looking for a job. Oh well, something will work out! The weather was gorgeous out, and I am in love with my Nano- I just hope I don't break it!! Its so teeny-tiny! I've had my shuffle for 2+ years and it has a special little place in my heart, but this new toy is so fun! Can't wait to start running with it! And now I can get NPR podcasts!! Just wanted to share my positive energy with the world! And the day is not even over yet! I still have dinner with friends and a film about global agribusiness to look forward to!!

Here's some fun food/exercise/vegan links I found today:
The Obestity Maps- My Lifecycle Nutrition Professor showed us these last night- and they are scary!!!!!!!! EEK-did you know that only 1/3 of Americans are a healthy weight???
Great Article in the NY Times about Stevia-my go-to sweetener.
Story of My life Seriously, this video encapsulates so many of my thoughts!


Janet said...
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Sounds like such a wonderful - and healthy! - day!