Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh the wonders of Coconut

A beautiful day in Bah-ston. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I can not wait for spring/summer to fully arrive! (mind you, in 4 months I'll probably be moaning about running in humid heat!) The sun is out, and everyone's so happy on campus!

Just for fun I tried Turtle Mountain's coconut yogurt the other day! I've heard amazing things about their coconut ice cream, but haven't splurged on the pint yet. I tried the plain yogurt and it was much better tasting than soy yogurt, which I actually enjoy. This has a much lighter taste.
The nutrition stats are decent130 cal 30% DV Calcium and 35%DV for B12 which is great! And it contains probiotic cultures-the good bacteria which help out with digstion! Unfortunatly, it only has 1 g of protein, but that is to be expected-coconuts are like other "nuts" in that way. I've seen it in Strawberry Banana, Blueberry and Vanilla, and apparently there is an elusive tropical mango flavor... I don't eat a lot of yogurt anymore, and this is a bit expensive ($2) but for a little treat-it was delicious! And I just love the Marco Polo quote!

I signed up for Brandon Brazier's Thrive in 30 challenge-I'm pretty excited to read the emails and recommendations from a vegan athlete. Lesson 1 about stress and diet was great! So often people reach for white carbs and sugar when stressed, which makes you feel good at first, but then just makes the problem worse! What you eat and how you feel is so intertwined, and proper nutrition, eating whole foods and less processed refined foods, will really make you feel so much better, and reduce your stress, physical or mental! I definitely recommend checking out the challenge!

Hope its sunny where you are!


Gina said...

I have been tempted to try the raspberry, but I just feel like with no protein, yogurt is useless. I do like soy yogurt, but that's even a rarity. I keep hearing its good though! Maybe if it eeever on sale :)

Annabelle Ho said...

that coconut soy yogurt was much better than i thought it'd b! and yes its too bad soy yogurt/yogurt in general is often so $$