Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's Get Some Shoes! Let's Party!

I have had the most fabulous week!! The Boston Marathon was soo inspiring! If Nike Women's goes well I definitely want to run it next year-for charity! Earth day was great. SFBU had an local vs, organic vs conventional apple tasting which went really well! I learned a little about personal finances at the MSDA Career Development week; I really want to be come financially savvy! annnddd I won prettygreengirl's natural dentist giveaway! Toms of Maine is the only toothpaste we ever had at my house growing up, but I have never liked the way they tasted (my mom loves the fennel one, ehhhh). I'm pretty excited to try this new brand!

I kill shoes. My current running pair are pretty beat up, and really needed a sub so I bought new shoes yesterday. I went to Marathon Sports-the greatest running store in the Boston area. The sales-people are so nice and attentive! They check your gait and really know their running shoes! I tried 10 pairs of shoes on my neautral feet, and found I liked the Adidas Supernovas Glide the best. But, they were yellow. I was torn-most comfortable, but slightly ugly shoes vs adorable pink Mizuno Wave Riders-what's a girl to do??? I asked my little helper if they had any past models of the Glide and he returned saying "Do you believe in Destiny?" (that is a direct quote) They had one last pair of last years and it was in my size! Hooray! While they aren't shoes to razzle dazzle, they are super comfertable and have a bit of mauve of the soles I can flash!

My aunt visited from NYC and we went to Grezzo. She's a follower of Atkin's "Low-Carb Lifestyle" but I'm working on turning her on to Raw Foods! She looooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeeddddd Grezzo and we had an amazing meal. We ate so much!

Grezzo Sliders- Almost like a falafel patty with potato "chips" DELICOUS!! and my favorite papaya "steak"!

To finish it off we had the lucoma-cashew cheese cake with clove gelato-which was to die for! I just got an ice cream maker and vegan clove ice cream is the first thing I'm making!

Afterwards we headed to the ICA, which is free on Thursday nights, to see the Shepard Fairey Exhibit again!

It supposed to hit a high of 80 degrees today so I'm heading outside to study for Orgo and the AFAA exam! I'll hit up Healthworks for Pilates and go for a longer run in my new shoes!!

Food Study of the Week- Organic Fruits are Higher in Anitoxidents than Conventional Fruits!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

6 comments: said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had such a good week!

I'm always torn on cute sneakers vs. the ones that are best for my feet. Luckily I found a compromise last time and hope I can again when I get my next pair!

Annah said...

So... Marathon Sports? Worth a visit? I usually just buy my running shoes at Olympia, and I got the last pair at CitySports. Hmmm.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Thanks Janet! I'm planning on purchasing a hot pink pair of racing shoes-we have to be stylin' on october 18th!

Annah-DEFINITELY check out Marathon Sports-their service is 1289798x better than citysports (at least the one on comm ave-they can never answer my questions!) very knowledgeable, very attentive staff! where's olympia??

Annah said...

Olympia Sports... in the mall. Actually, I've never had anyone help me buy sneaks other than grabbing my size from the stockroom. Luckily I'm pretty brand loyal so I just figure out what works for me. I'm excited to check out Marathon Sports though. :)

Megan said...

that cheesecake=omg.


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