Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack and the Bean Bowl

As you can see I've been on a giant bean kick as of late. But I just had to talk about the cutest little food card I stopped at in Copley Square last week-Jack and the Bean Bowl!

Vegetarian "fast" food! They sell brown rice+black bean+avocado+salsa bean bowls for $5 which are delicious!!! They also normally come with sour cream and cheese, but you can imagine my surprise when I asked if it could be vegan, and they said "of course! Would you like vegan cheeze and sour cream instead?" Now I'm not a fan of the faux dairy but I thought it was pretty cool that they keep that in stock! On top they put a creamy lemon or smoky chipotle-lime sauce which are delicious! They are almond based, vegan and sooo good! (this coming from a girl who always puts her sauces "on the side")

They also have cupcakes (not vegan yet) and Italian cream sodas for sale. So if you're feeling like a healthy little lunch in downtown Boston, swing by Jack and the Giant Bean Bowl-Open Wednesday thru Friday weather permitting, from 11ish to 2ish. Perfect for a meal while your out buying veggies at the Copley Farmers Market!


Annabelle Ho said...

mmmm i really must stop by there!

Michelle said...

Oh cool! I usually ignore all the food vendors bc they rarely sell anything I'm interested in eating. I will have to check it out on Friday when I hit the Copley Farmer's Market.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a holistic health counselor and yoga teacher, not a RD. Definitely a different angle in the training but we're all after the same thing--healthy happy clients, right? :-)

fitnessnyc said...

that looks so awesome! I haven't been to boston in ages, the pics are so cute.

Westword Bound said...

That is a great looking place!

Westword Bound said...

My favorite new food idea and cheap appetizer:

Portabello mushrooms- turn em upside down, cut of the stem, put in a little Rocheford(t? sp) blue cheese (aged in French caves, the best), and just throw into over until melted. Put on a bed of fresh spinach for salad or just eat like app..

An easy pair to make lunch: squash soup, flavored with slight spice but no salt.

Love yah! Great blog!

Ingrid said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Wanted to let you know you won a copy of Everyday Raw from the giveaway I recently hosted - - congrats and I hope you will enjoy making some yummy raw recipes. :-)

I miss Boston.