Friday, May 1, 2009

My Good Belly

Finally!!! Finals are Over and my world is a much brighter place!!! So joyful!! And the sun decided to reflect my mood and shine today, after a week of cloudy, rainy days! There's nothing better than a lovely run after a week of being a gym rat. I can't wait for the Future of Food Conference this weekend and to eat a meal prepared by Byrant Terry!!
But before that I want to say a little something about new foods I have tried this week, (Week 1 is here)
First I tried GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Juice-Fruit Juice that is fortified with Probiotics-the good for you bacteria that lines your intestines, and which has been getting a lot of good PR lately, being proven to cure IBS and UTIs, and may aid in digestion. Strains of bacteria are used to make yogurt, and other fermented food, giving them that characteristic sour taste. They are thought to strenthen our gut flora. Good Belly ferments grains and adds them to their fruit juices, to apply those benefits in a unique form. Good Belly products contain NO dairy, soy or wheat and are vegan.

I decided to go for the quart of Watermelon-Cranberry. It was pretty tasty. It was a very pale milky color, which I did not expect.

The source of probiotics in the drink are from fermented grains. It is sweentened with Evaporated Cane Juice. I added it to quinoa for a sweet "porridge" which was quite delicious. I probably won't purchase this again, but it was fun to try! And maybe it did boost up my immune system, because I catch any of the nasty bugs going around, despite being quite stressed. On the Goodbelly website theirs a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 Free-so if you wanna try it, definitely print that out, and share with a friend!!

I also tried White Balsamic Vinegar. A friend was moving and didn't want it, so I thought I'd try! I'm a Balsamic feign. See I even did a taste test:

Its a little less sweet than regular Balsamic. hmmm, google says its more suitable for salad dressings, so maybe I'll have to make a switch! I have quite the collections of vinegars now!

TGIF!! Have a Great Weekend!!

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I like white balsamic in a salad dressing with chopped shallots and maybe some Herbes de Provence!

By the way, I did a Nike 5-mile charity run last night and they gave away an entry to the Nike Women's. I ended up running with the girl who won and am getting really excited about the race!