Monday, June 22, 2009

T-17 Weeks

Week 1 of Marathon Training=Complete!!

and it went very well! We're doing Hal Higdon's Novice training plan so it doesn't start off very intense at all. It feels weird taking two rest days, so I kinda took a half. lol. And with teaching cardio kickboxing I end up working out more. But I feel great and not at all tired, so I'm good!!
I love running with Priyanka; we have very similar pace, and its nice to catch up. We're both uber busy (she's taking a summer class, and studying for the MCATS-eek!!!) and long runs are the perfect time to do that!
Totally Rockin our Bondi Bands!

Plus, we have impeccable timing with our runs! Hope I don't jinx us, but the past two long training runs, we have accidentally stumbled upon festivals, grabbed free goodies, and continue on our merry way!! I totally forgot that the Life is Good Festival was happening Saturday, and our run brought us right through the Commons-how Handy!!! We got some Cliff Kids Z Bars, which are my favorite things, got a photo taken and then headed back :). Life IS good!! I love the Cliff Kid Z bars-they're great snacks!
Chocolate Brownie=yummy dessert, and I just tried the Apple Cinnamon for the first time and it was delicious!! They are made with unrefined sweeteners, whole grains, and are USDA organic, like all the Cliff products, just in a smaller size! I'm all about it! We also got some Twisted Fruit Ropes which are 1 serving of fruit per rope, 70 calories, and made of only apple puree and juice. Tasty as well. I like that they are unsweetened of course!

And check out the generous gift that Natural Dentist sent me from the Give-away I won at prettygreengirl!!
I really like the whitening toothpaste. I'm bringing some home for my mom to try, and sharing it with friends to check out! That's way to much toothpaste at one time for one chica!! A huge thank you to Susan from Natual Dentist-that was so generous!!! I'm really working to shift all of my products to more "natural" versions, and toothpaste is something I struggle with. I just don't feel the same "minty clean" with pastes such as Toms of Maine as I do with Crest or Total. I do like Natural Dentist flavors-they even have a citrus-y mouthwash-my favorite! Gots to keep those teeth clean and white after all my nom-noming and coffee drinkin!!

I also tried Andrew Weil's Lara-esque bar last week.
It was really good and I liked how he used Chia seeds in it! Much better than Pure Bars and pretty equal with Lara!!

The rain is never stopping in Boston. Ever. The least summer-y summer solstice I have ever witnessed. But my CSA started which filled me with great joy. Hey, if they rain helps my kale grow, I'll put up with it! plus, it keeps my place of employment much much cooler which rocks!

T-4 days until I head WEST!! yes!! Happy Monday to all!!

P.S. I love where I work! If you're in Boston, you must stop by this gem of a artisan bakery!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today I want to wish a Huge Happy Father's Day to my Dad! My dad is one cool cat. Isn't it neat as you grow older you really realize how neat your parents are and start to see them as real people who have lived amazing lives prior to having kids and continue to now??? He's an ER Doctor, which surprises most people, mostly due to his hippie-esque red hair and beard and super-calm persona. I can't count the number of times some one has told me how much it meant to them to have my dad be at the hospital when tragedy struck them or a loved one. Living in a small town it really means a lot to people to have trusted individual who are there if anything ever goes wrong.

He's an adventurer. Hiking, wandering, exploring, road-tripping, biking, scampering, flying kites, climbing, bouldering, wind-surfing. He's always very active and knows so much about the natural world. He's a traveler. My grandfather was in the army so he moved around a lot, living in New Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, Pulowi, Montana, Wyoming, and others.

In Thailand, visiting me, and mid-scuba expedition :)
He is a great father and grandfather, working long hours to make sure his family lives more than comfortably. Growing up he would work several 24 hour shifts in a row, and then have a stretch of 7-10 days off when we would go camping or on some sort of trip.
(that's my little sister, horizontal in the air, ahaha)
I've been traveling since I was just a little babe, rollin' up on campsites in the ol' VW pop-up top vanagan. AHHH YEAH

Master Woodscraftsman and Handyman at home. He makes gorgeous wooden functional works of art-stools, "treasure" chests, Rocking Horses, all our kitchen cabinets, beds, etc. Every year he buys cords and cords of wood, chops in and then wakes up extra early on cold winter mornings to start the wood fire so the house would be toasty by the time we woke up. He is the killer of spiders, scarer of bogymen under the bed, guitar-playing, campfire making, wind-surfering, grillin', man of the house.

He's never stopped learning. He majored in Philosophy before going to Med School. My mom used to call him the "Professor" when we were homeschooled. He always encourages us to question and learn about what we are interested in. He emphasizes finding your real passions, and the importance of good books and stimulating conversations. He has always been so supportive of all the decisions I've made, and always ready to listen when I want to talk.

Yo, my parents rock!!! (and I wonder where i got my hair from..............)
Way before I was born....

Slightly more current...
Thank you mom and dad, I love you! And I'm excited to go home next week(I haven't been home since December), have some delicious home-cooked meals, not have to do laundry, possibly eat fresh spinach from the garden (if it ever stops raining??) and RELAX!!! Fourth of July where Fireworks are still legal, ah yeah!
Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vegan Ice Cream

MMM ice cream-wonderful year round but especially delightful as the summer starts to set in.
I used to be addicted to slow churn ice cream, and the 100% fake-ness which is CoolWhip Free. Vegan options are slightly different. I personally don't mind the taste of rice dream, love me some Cuties, and have never met a raw ice cream I didn't like. But even better than pint-size containers are vegan ice cream shoppes! My trip to Lulu's Sweet Apothecary in NYC is documented here, and while waiting for Megabus to take me back to Boston, I wandered up to Hell's Kitchen and got tofu soft-serve from Kyotofu. I couldn't believe it was vegan and soy based. The perfect, light, consistency of soft serve ice cream!! I am a huge fan of twists-two for one!! and the flavors of the day (which change weekly) were Tahitian Vanilla and Mexican Chocolate (exotic but simple??) MMMMM.

Riding the fro-yo trend with the toppings, you get a variety of choices at Kyotofu. I picked the green tea Mochi. Funny little gel squares-love Asian food!! I highly recommend Kyotofu if you're around Hell's Kitchen in NYC. Make a mini-trek away from Times Square (AH THE LIGHTS! THE CRAZIES!) and get a little treat at this little boutique restuarant. I want to go back and try all their other Tofu offerings!!

But here in Boston I am so lucky to have Wheeler Del Toro's one-and-only Ice Cream Shoppe.
(I even trek down there in the middle of winter>

His ice cream is amazing! It has impressed many non-vegan friends and it is unbelievably rich and perfect! The Chocolate Pudding and PB&J are hands-down my favorite, but with a constantly evolving and rotating menu, I'm always down to try new things. I haven't met a flavor I didn't like. The shoppe is teeny-tiny and hard to find, but it's a little gem. And now the wonders of Wheeler's ice cream are available for the masses, since the release of his new book The Vegan Scoop.

Totally bought it, had Wheeler sign it, and can't wait to start making my own ice creams with the ice cream maker I bought from Goodwill for 7 dolla (don't worry, i sanitized it). Wheelers also has real food if you're need a little something more substantial. Everything in the shop is Vegan, and the ice cream is made from a variety of soy, and nut milk blends and unrefined sugar. Don't be shy-talk to Wheeler and the girls who work there-they're great people.

I've been so busy lately (as is you can tell by my lack of posting) working at clear flour, but I'm really liking summer in Boston. Except for the lack of summer weather.... But my day was brightened by Mr. post-man who just had so many wonderful suprises for me today!!

Huge thank you to lovely Ingrid of Raw Epicurian who sent me a copy of Matthew Kenney's "Everyday Raw." The recipes are excitingly simple and the pictures make me drool! I am taking full advantage of my mom's dehydrator when I go home in a few weeks and making me tons of raw macarroons and crackers! And be sure to check out Ingrid's great site-The Raw Epicurian for great recipes, and interviews with "raw celebrities" such as Ani Phyo!

and I was pleasantly suprise to see not only my get my new swimsuit ( for if it the sun ever decides to shine in Massachusetts) but also my amazing new shirt from Handprinted in Vermont it arrived so quickly!!! I dig it! and Bo threw in a few stickers too, which rock!! (and I tried to have a photo shoot with Kale, but it was just too funny and awkward-see result)

And these are my parting words to you: Eat More Kale. Do it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Wanna Wake Up In The City That Never Sleeps

1. I love running 2.I love exploring/wandering 3.I love vegan treats. AND I combined all three on the morning Day 2 in the Big Apple.
I ran from my Park Slope over the Manhattan Bridge to Babycakes for a little breakfast treat!

The weather wasn't perfect-very muggy and humid, but I had a great run over the bridge. I love running over bridges, there's something I find exhilarating about it! Manhattan Bridge definitely isn't as pretty as the Brooklyn Bridge, and the subway can get pretty noisy, but it has "character" and no tourists! (not that I'm not one. I just don't walk slowly and obliviously)
When I arrived at Babycakes I was very excited, and took quite a bit of time deciding what to get.

They have a wide array of gluten-free cupcakes and treats, and no white sugar in their products!! Cupcakes, sweetbreads, cookies, buns, oh the decisions!!(they also list all the ingredients and nutrition information on their website!) I felt like I HAD to try one of their cupcakes, since that is their claim to fame, but I just couldn't resist a "skinny bun"-their take on a cinnamon bun. Its made with spelt flour and sweetened with agave. So I bought that and a carrot cupcake "topper" just to taste it. The space is very small, but cutesy, the service was mehh, and a bit pricey-4.25 for the bun and 2 for the little topper. I found a little park and sat down to try my treats. First I tasted the cupcake.

It was...ok. Nothing to write home about. I took a tiny bite and then set it aside to try the bun.
OMG UNBELIVABLE!!!! It was soo melt-in your mouth delicious!!!!

Best vegan cinnamon roll I have ever tasted (actually, I think its the first :) ) But seriously, amazing. If I lived in NYC I would be 100 lbs heavier and in debt because of these buns. I wouldn't call it a "skinny" bun (it has 650 calories. and half your DV of Fat. But hey! I'm on vacation, it was my "breakfast" and I ran 9 miles and walked all day! Definitely worth it). My sad little cupcake topper got thrown away, he just couldn't compete! Left that park with a huge smile on my face and wandered around Chinatown letting myself digest, a little bit, then ran back across the river to Brooklyn.
Before going home to shower I stopped into Park Slope Co-op.

Since I'm not a member I wasn't allowed to buy anything, but a very kind member agreed to give me a "tour." Park Slope is still a member-run co-op-all members have to work at least once a month. They have a marvelous selection of organic, whole foods, and they are VERY fairly priced!!! All their produce lists mileage and their bulk section is very extensive! I was very envious of the members! Now I just need to move to Brooklyn....

I wandered around the Lower West Side and Chelsea all afternoon. Popping in and out of vintage stores and specialty markets-my fave! I grabbed coffee at Birdbath- a uber green coffee shop owned by the amazing people who run City Bakery.

The walls are made of wheat, the countertop is 100% recylced pape and all the baked goods and beverages are organic.

I just got a coffee in my resuable mug ($1!) but they had some delicious looking vegan cookies and fresh edible flower lemonade.

In the evening met my Aunt and her BF and we went to several Galley Openings in Chelsea. Very fun. Afterward we got late dinner at Blossom

They serve all organic vegan cuisine in an intimate space on Ninth Ave in Chelsea. I had the "Feijoadinha with Smokey Tempeh." Apparently this is a Brazilian national dish, basically a stew of black beans, chayote squash, and sweet potatoes.

Deliciously smokey and spicy! I passed on the wine and got Bilberry juice, just because it had a crazy name and I never heard of a Bilberry. Very good and high in antioxidants! Tasted like a cross between blackberries and Blueberries. mmmm. For dessert we split the "Lavender Coconut Creme Brulee" and "Chocolate Gananche."

I was so intrigued by the mix of Lavender and Coconut, but the Lavender was overpowering. It reminded me too much of straight up essential oil (which my mom used to have us coat our sore throats with, eck). The ganache was pretty good. Very full bellys on the walk back to the Subway!!

Gosh I love NYC and all the treats it has to offer!! I don't see myself ever living there, but I LOVE to visit! Its just a little TOO busy and loud and expensive!! I prefer living somewhere a bit calmer and being able to go on mini vacation to that wonderful city! After the city I headed out to Long Island to visit my roommate for a couple days.

Next posts=1 last NYC review, thoughts about my addiction to PB, my love of farmers markets/the joy of CSAs, and my two recent purchases- Eatmorekale Shirt and Wheeler's The Vegan Scoop!

How is it 10:30 pm???? Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bright Lights of the City

I had several days off work last week so I decided it was time to get out of Beantown and visit the Big City-NYC! I bus-ed down there and walked and ate my way through the city!
Day 1- Met up with lovely Cora, to talk about Integrative Nutrition and catch up! We got "Candle Cocktails"

(aka fresh juiced carrot, celery, beet, mixed greens and ginger" at Candle Cafe and weathered the rain inside! Love Candle Cafe and talking with Cora who has the most amazing energy and passion for what she does! Inspiring!
Afterward I headed down to Union Square Farmers Market, and picked up some local Spelt berries for sprouting

before heading over to Pure Food and Wine for dinner with my Aunt.

This was my first visit to the famed raw restaurant and it did not disappoint. Plus Sarma was having a little meeting at the table behind us, which I thought was pretty cool! For appetizers we got the Caesar Salad with a Chocolate Balsamic Reduction (My aunt loves Caesar salad and tries it everywhere!)

and "King Oyster Muschoom Scallops with Hihiki Seaweed Caviar".

Both were delicious. the Chocolate Balsamic Reduction was so intriguing!
For our mains I got the White Corn Tamales with Raw Cacao Mole

and she got the Zucchini Lasagna.

Both were phenomenal. The Mole wasn't my favorite, but the tamale was sooo good! Raw corn and cashews, and a delicious pico de gallo! And the sauces on her Lasagna were unbelievable. I haven't discovered the secret to making raw Tomato sauces yet, and I wish I could get mine to taste like theirs! The service was wonderful (although, no Smith Jarrod in sight); the decor and atmosphere, splendid. I'm so glad I got to eat at Pure!

The "Trio of Dark Chocolate Coated Indian Spiced Ice Cream Treats" called to me-but I had to say no because I had a friend from home to meet afterward. Aunt headed to a West Side Story Revival with her BF and I headed down to the Lower East Side to Lulu's Sweet Apothecary to meet up with Oakley.

Lulu's is an adorable vintage-y ice cream shoppe that serves vegan ice creams in a wide array of flavors. I got the cake dough and chocolate twist soft serve, which was SUPER sweet, and Oak got the pb cup ice cream. Tasty tasty, but I'd have to say that I like Wheelers better.

It was a great first day with wonderful ladies and scrumptious treats! I am so lucky to have friends who live in the city, and a wonderful Aunt with an extra bed in Park Slope! I love visiting NYC and just wandering around the city, hopping in and out of shops and exploring! Next post=my first trip to Babycakes, runs around the city, and Blossom!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Did MAY go?????????

I am a lot busier than I had anticipated this summer, which is a good thing!! But I still have a huge To-Do list, and haven't had a lot of time for blogging. I'm working at Clear Flour Bakery in Retail, and teaching cardio kickboxing at FitRec, as well as doing a small internship with I'm also trying to go to places and try out things in Boston that I haven't had time for before- a few I've checked off the list so far: a trip to Vej Naturals, Club Industry East Expo, Channel Cafe, and Bina Osteria (Thank you Clear Flour!!) I'm heading to NYC tomorrow to visit friends and family and try out some new vegan eats, which I am very excited about! I'm planning on eating and walking my way through the city once again, and SuperVegan has been super helpful!!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the Eat Well Guide! I added a little toolbar, but it is an indispensable guide for sustainable eating!! Their blog is fabulous and I can't count the number of times I have used their guides, especially when visiting a new city/area! It is essentially a search engine for Good Food-generating restaurant, store, catering, business results that support/serve sustainable food. I won their sustainable eating Spring Break Challenge which I was super excited about! I got a gift certificate to my favorite bulk/natural food store in Boston-Harvest Co-op and can't wait to stock up my fridge/cabinets when I get back from NYC! Thank you so much Eat Well Guide!

Next week marks the official start of my 18 week marathon training, via Hal Higdon's Novice Plan. Priyanka and I decided to stick with Novice level because 1. This is our first marathon, hence we are novices 2. She's coming off an injury and I have been doing a lot more cross-training than running lately (although i did have a nice 9 milers yesterday). Our goal=to cross the finish line! I'm not worrying about times, as long as its under 6 hrs (the cut-off) I will be escatic!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see that finish line-and have a sexy firefighter hand me my Tiffany's necklace :)

I am loving being in Boston for the summer, but I am also excited to go Home next month! My sister just graduated High School (Hip Hip Hooray!), and I can't wait to see my family and friends from home! Plus I'm bringing my roommate and I can't wait to show her a True Wyoming experience!!! Can't wait for that Fresh air!!

And one last parting word- an ancient Cree proverb, found on the streets of Allston:

"Only when the last tree has withered, the last fish has been caught and the last river's been poisoned, will man realize we cannot eat money."

Until Next time!!!