Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bright Lights of the City

I had several days off work last week so I decided it was time to get out of Beantown and visit the Big City-NYC! I bus-ed down there and walked and ate my way through the city!
Day 1- Met up with lovely Cora, to talk about Integrative Nutrition and catch up! We got "Candle Cocktails"

(aka fresh juiced carrot, celery, beet, mixed greens and ginger" at Candle Cafe and weathered the rain inside! Love Candle Cafe and talking with Cora who has the most amazing energy and passion for what she does! Inspiring!
Afterward I headed down to Union Square Farmers Market, and picked up some local Spelt berries for sprouting

before heading over to Pure Food and Wine for dinner with my Aunt.

This was my first visit to the famed raw restaurant and it did not disappoint. Plus Sarma was having a little meeting at the table behind us, which I thought was pretty cool! For appetizers we got the Caesar Salad with a Chocolate Balsamic Reduction (My aunt loves Caesar salad and tries it everywhere!)

and "King Oyster Muschoom Scallops with Hihiki Seaweed Caviar".

Both were delicious. the Chocolate Balsamic Reduction was so intriguing!
For our mains I got the White Corn Tamales with Raw Cacao Mole

and she got the Zucchini Lasagna.

Both were phenomenal. The Mole wasn't my favorite, but the tamale was sooo good! Raw corn and cashews, and a delicious pico de gallo! And the sauces on her Lasagna were unbelievable. I haven't discovered the secret to making raw Tomato sauces yet, and I wish I could get mine to taste like theirs! The service was wonderful (although, no Smith Jarrod in sight); the decor and atmosphere, splendid. I'm so glad I got to eat at Pure!

The "Trio of Dark Chocolate Coated Indian Spiced Ice Cream Treats" called to me-but I had to say no because I had a friend from home to meet afterward. Aunt headed to a West Side Story Revival with her BF and I headed down to the Lower East Side to Lulu's Sweet Apothecary to meet up with Oakley.

Lulu's is an adorable vintage-y ice cream shoppe that serves vegan ice creams in a wide array of flavors. I got the cake dough and chocolate twist soft serve, which was SUPER sweet, and Oak got the pb cup ice cream. Tasty tasty, but I'd have to say that I like Wheelers better.

It was a great first day with wonderful ladies and scrumptious treats! I am so lucky to have friends who live in the city, and a wonderful Aunt with an extra bed in Park Slope! I love visiting NYC and just wandering around the city, hopping in and out of shops and exploring! Next post=my first trip to Babycakes, runs around the city, and Blossom!


Gina said...

Sounds like a fantastic vegan day in the city!! Next time I am there, I am definitely getting some ice cream, I keep hearing about so many different places.

I want to hear your review of Babycakes, I've heard such mixed reviews!! I almost got there last time I was visiting, but friends and whatnot got in the way, haha.

prettygreengirl said...

I'm so jealous! I love NY and those eats sound so unique and fun! Hahaha about Smith! Wouldn't it be nice? :)

Annabelle Ho said...

sounds like an awesome day- i really need to go to NYC!!!
and i will hopefully start sprouting very soon. workshop on saturday!! :)

bitt said...

reviewing these places on my blog right now. :-)