Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today I want to wish a Huge Happy Father's Day to my Dad! My dad is one cool cat. Isn't it neat as you grow older you really realize how neat your parents are and start to see them as real people who have lived amazing lives prior to having kids and continue to now??? He's an ER Doctor, which surprises most people, mostly due to his hippie-esque red hair and beard and super-calm persona. I can't count the number of times some one has told me how much it meant to them to have my dad be at the hospital when tragedy struck them or a loved one. Living in a small town it really means a lot to people to have trusted individual who are there if anything ever goes wrong.

He's an adventurer. Hiking, wandering, exploring, road-tripping, biking, scampering, flying kites, climbing, bouldering, wind-surfing. He's always very active and knows so much about the natural world. He's a traveler. My grandfather was in the army so he moved around a lot, living in New Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, Pulowi, Montana, Wyoming, and others.

In Thailand, visiting me, and mid-scuba expedition :)
He is a great father and grandfather, working long hours to make sure his family lives more than comfortably. Growing up he would work several 24 hour shifts in a row, and then have a stretch of 7-10 days off when we would go camping or on some sort of trip.
(that's my little sister, horizontal in the air, ahaha)
I've been traveling since I was just a little babe, rollin' up on campsites in the ol' VW pop-up top vanagan. AHHH YEAH

Master Woodscraftsman and Handyman at home. He makes gorgeous wooden functional works of art-stools, "treasure" chests, Rocking Horses, all our kitchen cabinets, beds, etc. Every year he buys cords and cords of wood, chops in and then wakes up extra early on cold winter mornings to start the wood fire so the house would be toasty by the time we woke up. He is the killer of spiders, scarer of bogymen under the bed, guitar-playing, campfire making, wind-surfering, grillin', man of the house.

He's never stopped learning. He majored in Philosophy before going to Med School. My mom used to call him the "Professor" when we were homeschooled. He always encourages us to question and learn about what we are interested in. He emphasizes finding your real passions, and the importance of good books and stimulating conversations. He has always been so supportive of all the decisions I've made, and always ready to listen when I want to talk.

Yo, my parents rock!!! (and I wonder where i got my hair from..............)
Way before I was born....

Slightly more current...
Thank you mom and dad, I love you! And I'm excited to go home next week(I haven't been home since December), have some delicious home-cooked meals, not have to do laundry, possibly eat fresh spinach from the garden (if it ever stops raining??) and RELAX!!! Fourth of July where Fireworks are still legal, ah yeah!
Happy Fathers Day Dad!


Danielle said...

Aw, how cute! You have beautiful parents... hope they both enjoy the special Sunday for them :)

prettygreengirl said...

My parents had a VW vanagon too! They just sold it though. :)

Your Dad sounds so cool and I love the old school pic!