Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Wanna Wake Up In The City That Never Sleeps

1. I love running 2.I love exploring/wandering 3.I love vegan treats. AND I combined all three on the morning Day 2 in the Big Apple.
I ran from my Park Slope over the Manhattan Bridge to Babycakes for a little breakfast treat!

The weather wasn't perfect-very muggy and humid, but I had a great run over the bridge. I love running over bridges, there's something I find exhilarating about it! Manhattan Bridge definitely isn't as pretty as the Brooklyn Bridge, and the subway can get pretty noisy, but it has "character" and no tourists! (not that I'm not one. I just don't walk slowly and obliviously)
When I arrived at Babycakes I was very excited, and took quite a bit of time deciding what to get.

They have a wide array of gluten-free cupcakes and treats, and no white sugar in their products!! Cupcakes, sweetbreads, cookies, buns, oh the decisions!!(they also list all the ingredients and nutrition information on their website!) I felt like I HAD to try one of their cupcakes, since that is their claim to fame, but I just couldn't resist a "skinny bun"-their take on a cinnamon bun. Its made with spelt flour and sweetened with agave. So I bought that and a carrot cupcake "topper" just to taste it. The space is very small, but cutesy, the service was mehh, and a bit pricey-4.25 for the bun and 2 for the little topper. I found a little park and sat down to try my treats. First I tasted the cupcake.

It was...ok. Nothing to write home about. I took a tiny bite and then set it aside to try the bun.
OMG UNBELIVABLE!!!! It was soo melt-in your mouth delicious!!!!

Best vegan cinnamon roll I have ever tasted (actually, I think its the first :) ) But seriously, amazing. If I lived in NYC I would be 100 lbs heavier and in debt because of these buns. I wouldn't call it a "skinny" bun (it has 650 calories. and half your DV of Fat. But hey! I'm on vacation, it was my "breakfast" and I ran 9 miles and walked all day! Definitely worth it). My sad little cupcake topper got thrown away, he just couldn't compete! Left that park with a huge smile on my face and wandered around Chinatown letting myself digest, a little bit, then ran back across the river to Brooklyn.
Before going home to shower I stopped into Park Slope Co-op.

Since I'm not a member I wasn't allowed to buy anything, but a very kind member agreed to give me a "tour." Park Slope is still a member-run co-op-all members have to work at least once a month. They have a marvelous selection of organic, whole foods, and they are VERY fairly priced!!! All their produce lists mileage and their bulk section is very extensive! I was very envious of the members! Now I just need to move to Brooklyn....

I wandered around the Lower West Side and Chelsea all afternoon. Popping in and out of vintage stores and specialty markets-my fave! I grabbed coffee at Birdbath- a uber green coffee shop owned by the amazing people who run City Bakery.

The walls are made of wheat, the countertop is 100% recylced pape and all the baked goods and beverages are organic.

I just got a coffee in my resuable mug ($1!) but they had some delicious looking vegan cookies and fresh edible flower lemonade.

In the evening met my Aunt and her BF and we went to several Galley Openings in Chelsea. Very fun. Afterward we got late dinner at Blossom

They serve all organic vegan cuisine in an intimate space on Ninth Ave in Chelsea. I had the "Feijoadinha with Smokey Tempeh." Apparently this is a Brazilian national dish, basically a stew of black beans, chayote squash, and sweet potatoes.

Deliciously smokey and spicy! I passed on the wine and got Bilberry juice, just because it had a crazy name and I never heard of a Bilberry. Very good and high in antioxidants! Tasted like a cross between blackberries and Blueberries. mmmm. For dessert we split the "Lavender Coconut Creme Brulee" and "Chocolate Gananche."

I was so intrigued by the mix of Lavender and Coconut, but the Lavender was overpowering. It reminded me too much of straight up essential oil (which my mom used to have us coat our sore throats with, eck). The ganache was pretty good. Very full bellys on the walk back to the Subway!!

Gosh I love NYC and all the treats it has to offer!! I don't see myself ever living there, but I LOVE to visit! Its just a little TOO busy and loud and expensive!! I prefer living somewhere a bit calmer and being able to go on mini vacation to that wonderful city! After the city I headed out to Long Island to visit my roommate for a couple days.

Next posts=1 last NYC review, thoughts about my addiction to PB, my love of farmers markets/the joy of CSAs, and my two recent purchases- Eatmorekale Shirt and Wheeler's The Vegan Scoop!

How is it 10:30 pm???? Happy Hump Day!!!

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Gina said...

One of my best friends works/shops at that Co-op. Maybe next time I visit I'll have to ask for a tour, I never even thought about it, haha.

Why in the world is a 650 calorie snack called a "skinny" bun? I'm sure I'll try it at some point though, I LOVED Cinnabons when I was younger.

I couldn't figure why those desserts looked so familiar, and then I remembered that Jenn from Vegan Dance if you Want to went to Blosson recently and had the exact same desserts, haha.

I'm jealous of all the vegan goings on during your trip!!