Monday, June 22, 2009

T-17 Weeks

Week 1 of Marathon Training=Complete!!

and it went very well! We're doing Hal Higdon's Novice training plan so it doesn't start off very intense at all. It feels weird taking two rest days, so I kinda took a half. lol. And with teaching cardio kickboxing I end up working out more. But I feel great and not at all tired, so I'm good!!
I love running with Priyanka; we have very similar pace, and its nice to catch up. We're both uber busy (she's taking a summer class, and studying for the MCATS-eek!!!) and long runs are the perfect time to do that!
Totally Rockin our Bondi Bands!

Plus, we have impeccable timing with our runs! Hope I don't jinx us, but the past two long training runs, we have accidentally stumbled upon festivals, grabbed free goodies, and continue on our merry way!! I totally forgot that the Life is Good Festival was happening Saturday, and our run brought us right through the Commons-how Handy!!! We got some Cliff Kids Z Bars, which are my favorite things, got a photo taken and then headed back :). Life IS good!! I love the Cliff Kid Z bars-they're great snacks!
Chocolate Brownie=yummy dessert, and I just tried the Apple Cinnamon for the first time and it was delicious!! They are made with unrefined sweeteners, whole grains, and are USDA organic, like all the Cliff products, just in a smaller size! I'm all about it! We also got some Twisted Fruit Ropes which are 1 serving of fruit per rope, 70 calories, and made of only apple puree and juice. Tasty as well. I like that they are unsweetened of course!

And check out the generous gift that Natural Dentist sent me from the Give-away I won at prettygreengirl!!
I really like the whitening toothpaste. I'm bringing some home for my mom to try, and sharing it with friends to check out! That's way to much toothpaste at one time for one chica!! A huge thank you to Susan from Natual Dentist-that was so generous!!! I'm really working to shift all of my products to more "natural" versions, and toothpaste is something I struggle with. I just don't feel the same "minty clean" with pastes such as Toms of Maine as I do with Crest or Total. I do like Natural Dentist flavors-they even have a citrus-y mouthwash-my favorite! Gots to keep those teeth clean and white after all my nom-noming and coffee drinkin!!

I also tried Andrew Weil's Lara-esque bar last week.
It was really good and I liked how he used Chia seeds in it! Much better than Pure Bars and pretty equal with Lara!!

The rain is never stopping in Boston. Ever. The least summer-y summer solstice I have ever witnessed. But my CSA started which filled me with great joy. Hey, if they rain helps my kale grow, I'll put up with it! plus, it keeps my place of employment much much cooler which rocks!

T-4 days until I head WEST!! yes!! Happy Monday to all!!

P.S. I love where I work! If you're in Boston, you must stop by this gem of a artisan bakery!


Gina said...

I never would have bought them otherwise, but they were giving away the Z-bars at the natural food store near where I was working and they ARE good!

Haha, and I just started his intermediate 5K plan today! I can't imagine doing a marathon, I don't think I've ever done more than 10 miles. Good luck, I'll be cheering for you :)

prettygreengirl said...

Sorry I'm so late to comment! This week has been insane! But so much to say. First: YAY! Check out that bounty! I just bought the orange zest flavor and am loving it.

I love Zbars! I tried to replicate some but I haven't quite mastered it yet. Hey, maybe your bakery can make some! :D

Congrats on starting the training! I gotta do that! When I get back from my trip this weekend a fun long run is on the agenda!

Lori said...

Congrats on a good training! I haven't had the Weil bars. Are the ingredients as simple as Lara and Pure bars? Looks like you work at one fab place. Very cute and I bet awfully tasty!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Thanks for the congrats you lovely ladies!!
Once I master Z-bar wannabes, You'll be the first i tell!
Lori, the Weil Bars are as simple as Lara and Pure bars- the Chia Razz bar has (all) Organic dates, raisins cashews, apples, raspberries, chia seeds, and lemon juice!

Michelle said...

I didn't know Andrew Weil had a bar! I much prefer Lara and Pure to Clif...the ingredient lists are so much cleaner. I'll have to look for Weil bars, thanks for the heads up!

Thinspired said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your comment on my blog a couple weeks back. I appreciate the condolences.
Very cool that you are a dietetics undergrad. I'll hopefully be going back soon for my master's. I wish I had the option of studying nutrition when I was an undergrad!

Annabelle Ho said...

i am not the biggest fan of Clif Bars

awesome about the Natural Dentist giveaway. thanks for sharing w/ me!

and Andrew Weil's bars are pretty good!

nora said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Diet, Dessert, and Dogs! I'm training for my first 1/2 marathon right now--I'm excited! Good luck with your full!

Also, I'm glad you like the Dr. Weil bars! I'm actually interning at Weil Lifestyle (Dr. Weil's editorial/marketing branch) in Phoenix right now, and we have more bars lying around than we know what to do with!) My favs are the banana manna and the pistachi-oh!