Monday, June 15, 2009

Vegan Ice Cream

MMM ice cream-wonderful year round but especially delightful as the summer starts to set in.
I used to be addicted to slow churn ice cream, and the 100% fake-ness which is CoolWhip Free. Vegan options are slightly different. I personally don't mind the taste of rice dream, love me some Cuties, and have never met a raw ice cream I didn't like. But even better than pint-size containers are vegan ice cream shoppes! My trip to Lulu's Sweet Apothecary in NYC is documented here, and while waiting for Megabus to take me back to Boston, I wandered up to Hell's Kitchen and got tofu soft-serve from Kyotofu. I couldn't believe it was vegan and soy based. The perfect, light, consistency of soft serve ice cream!! I am a huge fan of twists-two for one!! and the flavors of the day (which change weekly) were Tahitian Vanilla and Mexican Chocolate (exotic but simple??) MMMMM.

Riding the fro-yo trend with the toppings, you get a variety of choices at Kyotofu. I picked the green tea Mochi. Funny little gel squares-love Asian food!! I highly recommend Kyotofu if you're around Hell's Kitchen in NYC. Make a mini-trek away from Times Square (AH THE LIGHTS! THE CRAZIES!) and get a little treat at this little boutique restuarant. I want to go back and try all their other Tofu offerings!!

But here in Boston I am so lucky to have Wheeler Del Toro's one-and-only Ice Cream Shoppe.
(I even trek down there in the middle of winter>

His ice cream is amazing! It has impressed many non-vegan friends and it is unbelievably rich and perfect! The Chocolate Pudding and PB&J are hands-down my favorite, but with a constantly evolving and rotating menu, I'm always down to try new things. I haven't met a flavor I didn't like. The shoppe is teeny-tiny and hard to find, but it's a little gem. And now the wonders of Wheeler's ice cream are available for the masses, since the release of his new book The Vegan Scoop.

Totally bought it, had Wheeler sign it, and can't wait to start making my own ice creams with the ice cream maker I bought from Goodwill for 7 dolla (don't worry, i sanitized it). Wheelers also has real food if you're need a little something more substantial. Everything in the shop is Vegan, and the ice cream is made from a variety of soy, and nut milk blends and unrefined sugar. Don't be shy-talk to Wheeler and the girls who work there-they're great people.

I've been so busy lately (as is you can tell by my lack of posting) working at clear flour, but I'm really liking summer in Boston. Except for the lack of summer weather.... But my day was brightened by Mr. post-man who just had so many wonderful suprises for me today!!

Huge thank you to lovely Ingrid of Raw Epicurian who sent me a copy of Matthew Kenney's "Everyday Raw." The recipes are excitingly simple and the pictures make me drool! I am taking full advantage of my mom's dehydrator when I go home in a few weeks and making me tons of raw macarroons and crackers! And be sure to check out Ingrid's great site-The Raw Epicurian for great recipes, and interviews with "raw celebrities" such as Ani Phyo!

and I was pleasantly suprise to see not only my get my new swimsuit ( for if it the sun ever decides to shine in Massachusetts) but also my amazing new shirt from Handprinted in Vermont it arrived so quickly!!! I dig it! and Bo threw in a few stickers too, which rock!! (and I tried to have a photo shoot with Kale, but it was just too funny and awkward-see result)

And these are my parting words to you: Eat More Kale. Do it.


Gina said...

Cute!! I'm going to be in the city on Friday, and I just can't decide what kind of vegan dessert to get...too many options!!

Lee Ryan said...

Awesome post! never heard of vegan ice cream before...interesting.

Live(& Eat) Abundantly said...

hahaha love the shirt and photo shoot!

I def. need to try out wheelers- hopefully one of these days will be nice enough to have any desire to eat ice cream!

Annabelle Ho said...

the soft serve ice cream looks amazing!

and wheelers is great!

LOVE the eat more kale shirt- i may need to buy myself one of those! :)

taney said...

eat more kale! I really like that! (=