Monday, July 27, 2009

Fabulous Fennel

One of my favorite thing about getting a CSA this summer is figuring out what to do with the vegetables that I wouldn't normally purchase. Case in point-Fennel. Now I know what anise tastes like, and I'm sure I've had the bulb snuck into salads, but I have never intentionally eaten Fennel. So I hit up handy-dandy google, and found "Where's The Revolution's" Rustic Bake Fennel Recipe made it for a potluck. {side note on the potluck. My good friend and neighbor Kate and I invited everyone in the building, ie we slipped notes under their doors telling them to come and meet their neighbors and have some yummy free food. A grand total of 1 neighbor showed up and she was a subletter. GEEZ. Everyone in the building is college age and almost all go to BU, yet we have no sense of community :( oh well, I invited a lot of friends, so the night was a success anyways} Anywho the dish turned out to be delicious and delightfully simple! Fennel+tomato+Whole Wheat bread from Clear Flour=a great Italian-esque dish!
and check out Kate's gorgeous Pizza with lots of CSA veggies!!
I've been making a lot of green smoothies, both cause they are Nutritious and Delicious and because I have beet greens coming out of my ears!!
I Loved Cheap Healthy Good's list of 246 suggestions for greens-definitely going to make some of these recipes!
What do you do with Leafy Greens besides the obvious salad?? Thanks to the monsoon season which has been this summer, I have a lot more to get through before anything else starts growing!! Happy Monday!


bazu said...

I'm sorry no-one showed up at the pot-luck, except the one person! The food all sounds fabulous- they missed out! said...

Love the idea of slipping notes and doing a potluck, and really shame on everyone around for being lame. I used to hold potlucks all of the time in Canada, and they were always packed, but I guess we invited lots of international kids and they had nothing better to do :)

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

My neighbors missed out, but luckily I have lots of good-food loving friends who came and shared!!