Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LaraBars and Coconut Milk Kefir!

The people at Whole Foods must think I'm crazy. I called all the stores near me and made the poor workers check to see if they had the newest flavor LaraBars in stock. Finally, the largest WF in the Boston Area-on River St. in Cambridge, said they were in!!
So I went on a lil walk and snagged the three new flavors: PB&J Tropical Fruit Tart and German Chocolate.

All get three HUGE thumbs up!!!
First PB&J-Just like a sandwich, minus the bread!! Salty and sweet and kicks the Peanut Butter Cookie Flavor out of the water!! Fruity and PB-y-there's nothing better!
Tropical Fruit Tart-Like a combination of a Pina Colada and an Orange Cremsicle-very fruity and coconut-y! Heavy hints of Orange.
German Chocolate-Definitely my favorite Jocalat Flavor. This and the Mint are the only two I like.... but this one is VERY good and up there with the normal Lara Bars.
So Glad to have these three in my LaraBar Line-up!

While I was at Whole Food I also picked up a Plain Coconut Milk Kefir.
Coconut Milk is all the rage right now-yogurts, ice creams, milks, and now Kefir. Pretty tasty! The sourness of Kefir but the richness of coconut milk. The Plain is unsweetened. I added Stevia and Fresh Blueberries from my CSA for "Berries N' Creme"!
The Kefir has 70 calories per 1 cup, and was 4.70 at my whole foods. It is low in protein (1g) and higher in fat (6g) but it was fun to try!

I love trying new foods, and more new reviews up next! If the sun ever comes back, I'd really like to lay out and get my Vitamin D quota after spin today. Hope you have a Happy HumpDay!!


chocolatecoveredkatie said...


nora said...

I've been looking for the new Larabars at my WF but no luck so far! I want the PB&J one!

avegangirl said...

I've been enjoying the vanilla and strawberry coconut milk kefir. Even my kids like them, which is great because the live active cultures and coconut provide so many nutritional benefits.

Lori said...

Those bars are spreading like wildfire. My husband was even in the US on business and he looked for the PB&J one but wasn't able to find it. Lucky you to have so many WF to call! :) We only have one where we live in the States. I need more choices. Ha, ha!

Annabelle Ho said...

the PB&J LaraBar WAS awesome! (expensive, though!)

i wonder if i could turn milk or water kefir grains into coconut ones...and just use canned coconut milk? said...

OMG that Whole Foods is amazing! I used to drive there, and after you go up and pay for your groceries you get to drive around underneath and they have taken them all down a big dumbwaiter and force you to sit in your car while they're loaded into your trunk! They won't even take tips! Service A+!