Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skinny Crisps and Zevia

On the way back from the airport in Denver we stopped at Fort Collin's Whole Foods to stock up and I picked up a bag of Skinny Crisps for us to try/snack on. My mom recently discovered that she is gluten intolerant, so these looked like a good treat to share-vegan, lower calorie, and gluten free! Of course I picked the Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor and I'm sure glad I did. These were phenomenal!! Thin, crispy crackers with a great chocolate flavor and sprinkles on top!! They are low carb, high fiber, and the ingredients are: Almonds, chickpea flour, golden flax seeds, psylium husks, unsweetened cocoa powder, sea salt, turbinado. Delightful! You can order them off their website or check out retail locations!
I didn't get to try to other flavors but they also sell: Plain, Toasty Onion, White Sesame, Seeded (fennel, black & white sesame), Cinnamon Crisps and Sweet & Spicey BBQ

I also tried Zevia-an all-natural soda line sweetened with stevia-my all-time favorite sweetener!! I opted for the Cola flavor, and two friends pickout out the Lemon-Lime and Rootbeer.
I think rootbeer was my favorite flavor, but they were all good, and had none of the bitterness that can sometimes accompanies stevia. The sodas come in Orange, Black Cherry and GingerAle.

Question: Are you a soda, pop or coke kinda person? In Wyoming its Pop. I came to Boston, was made fun of for calling it Pop and switch to the more "eloquent" "soda." Come back to Wyoming, freshman christmas, and was teased for calling it soda. (all in good fun of course!). So now i switch back in forth between the two, depending on my mood and location. I have never understood calling all carbonated beverages coke. but whatever makes you happy!!

Hope you're having a Wonderful Wednesday! I'm off to teach spin and then to the beach!! And maybe Harry Potter tonight! (or bruno, we'll see!)


Special K said...

I have this rootbeer thing, and it rocks!
So fun! Just found your blog! Check out my challenge and giveaway!

Gina said...

I drink soda (actually, that's not true, I really don't drink it, but if I did, that would be what I would say!)

I've tried the Zevia, and its good, although I did find it to have a little bit of an aftertaste. Again, even when its sweetened with stevia I'm not a big soda person, so I actually still haven't gotten through the 6 pack I bought months ago!

prettygreengirl said...

Those look yummy!

I really want to like Zevia, but I (like Gina) think it's got a bit of an aftertaste, too. :( Once in awhile I'll get a Dry Cola or GUS (Grown Up Soda) for a treat!

Michelle said...

I'm torn on Zevia, I mean I'm not a soda drinker in any case but when people ask me if I recommend it I'm just not sure....I mean, sure stevia has been around forever but are we really meant to consume it in the quantities found in soda, maybe multiple sodas per day?

I don't know, ah, whatever. But I do call it soda and I do giggle when people call it pop because I'm a Northeast girl through and through :-)