Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Wild Wild West

Sorry for the delay! Vacation is wrapping up and its back to "real life" in two days!
I love Boston and living there, but it was very nice to go Home and just relax for two weeks. Well I don't know if it was super relaxing, but good nonetheless! (I think I am unable to "relax" i have to be constantly moving and going!) My roommate from Long Island came with me, so it was fun being a "tourist" in my own state.
Airplane prep! Odwalla "mocha-walla" (my new favorite flavor!) and Blothouse Farms Green Monsta-also delic. and I (heart) jetblue and the cashews they give out!
Driving up from Denver

We crammed a lot into 10 days! Wyoming is so beautiful and that is something I've definitely realized since leaving it! Now I love being in the mountains under wide open prairie blue skies, breathing in unpolluted air! And the fourth of July is a great time to be there, because everyone makes the pilgrimage home, to a place where fireworks are still legal. Nothing says America like blowing stuff up to celebrate your nation's birth! Loved seeing my friends from highschool and going back to old haunts and seeing all the "sights"
So much tasty food at my house! I had fun trying all the new gluten-free foods my mom is finding! I adore this jam-no added sugar! My new favorite snack is a (brown) rice cake with this jam and some nut butter-these two being my current favs!
And my mom's beautiful garden

And the jars of goodies she cans each fall: salsa, beets, jams, oh my!
I also took full advantage of the overflowing pantries and kitchen equipment to make lots of yummy new raw recipes which i will share soon! This is my all time favorite raw food, just because its so simple and delightful!! Banana ice cream, ie 1 frozen banana, "juiced" Turns out just like, no, better than frozen yogurt!!
Recipes and more eats up next!! At a wedding/family reunion now, and back on the east coast tomorrow!! Farewell, wild wild west!


nora said...

I'm eating all raw next week (just for fun) so I'll be sharing raw stuff too! The "ice cream" looks delish!

Jess said...

Wow everything looks so gorgeous! Your mom's garden and canning is amazing. I was recently in West Colorado for the first time. That area of the country is truly beautiful and certainly underrated. Enjoy your fabulous retreat! :-)

Michelle said...

Wyoming! Wow, never been there but beautiful pics. Boy do I have some muffins waiting for you and that jam at my site right now...

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

wow that picture of the rainbow is stunning!!

love the cashew butter too :D

Jamie said...

Wyoming looks so pretty! its great that your mom is into gardening/ canning / and looking for healthy food. When ever I go home I there is an empty refridgerator save beer and condiments haha.
That pecan butter looks very tempting I may have to try that...