Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where do the Weeks go???

Week Recap:
RIP TJ Scallywaggles: Vegan Pizzaria in ALLSTON, MA. Apparently there is now only 1 in the entire US! They were a little hole in the wall-workers Co-op, that struggled with debt, but went out with a bang with an all-you-can-eat pizza party! Farewell Friend.

And then a little mid-week adventure to Revere Beach, just North of Boston and T-accesible. A bit ghetto, but sand and sun and a sand-sculture contest!

and some summer reading
Peter brings up some interesting counter-arguments to an "only eat local" mandate. I'll discuss once i finish reading! But the more I read about factory farming and just agribusiness in general, the happier I am to be vegan! GO SEE FOOD INC (if you haven't already done so!!) Just try to eat a fast-food burger after watching!

I have been working and playing and not doing much cooking on my own, just working my way through the forest of greens that is my csa. But some of my lovely friends did a little pickling and generously shared their bounty:

And thanks to a suggestions from i tossed some zucchini in the left over "juice" and made more pseudo pickles!

Although my sister retains the crown of Queen of finding good new music, I have a new favorite source of JAMZ. RCRDLBL is a site that offers free mp2 downloads of the day. Indie, Quirky, usually upbeat, LOVE. I subscribe to their email newsletter-and new songs pop up in my inbox everyday, ready to be uploaded onto iTUNES. That's the hardest part of teaching aerobics classes and SPIN-finding upbeat songs, that will pump people up without offending anyone!

Things to do this week: 1. figure out what to do with FENNEL! AHH it popped up in my CSA this week and I have do not recall ever eating something with fennel as the main star so that is my goal this week. 2. Plan sky-diving expedition. 3. Have a Building-wide Potluck. Lofty goals? I think not!


Jess said...

I have that book in my queue... I'll be interested in your opinion of it! I recently read "Closing the Food Gap", which was in the same vein. Also a good nutrition/food system read. (If you're into that sort of thing :-)

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

So far it's good! I'll do a recap when I finish it!.I really liked Closing the Food Gap, and Mark Winne's a great guy-I've had the chance to listen to him speak and talk to him several times. And basically everything i read is nutrition/food system related!!!

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Mmm pickles.

WOW to your goals. That's awesome! You can do it all :)

- Sagan