Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

It was the last weekend of summer :(
But it ROCKED!
1. b.spears was in the HOUSE on Saturday night.
She is so entertaining. Her performers were amazing and she legit brought a circus. wow.
2. My desk went from total chaos
to a bit more acceptable
3. I got a delightful little suprise in the mail from Jessica: She is such a sweetheart! And I love the bar and need to find out where to get them around here. Its sweetened with brown rice syrup, is wheat-free and made of all organic whole food ingredients. And its locally made!!!
4.I ran 16 miles with priyanka on sunday and we celebrated with watermelon afterward.Since we ran late at night, we slept afterward, and woke up and had a breakfast of champions-breakfast burritos at Allston Cafe.
With yerba mate latte, I love this stuff!!!
5. My apartment is so wonderful right now. Both of my roommates are back and we have a brand new kitchen! or basically all new kitchen play-toys! thanks to craigslist and wonderful mommys we be rockin!
Olivia's mom even bought me the PETA vegan cookbook!!! Can't wait to read it!
check out this ice cream scoop in the shape of a whale! awwwhhhh
and my mummy sent me a package of her canning and dehydrated goodies!
Oh and, we be growing-WHEATGRASS!
Its been an amazing summer in Boston, and while I did not get to go skydiving, or find true love, I had a lot of wonderful adventures! School starts Wednesdays, and I have all of these posts in my head and hopefully I'll be able to get my thoughts out into the blog-o-spheare ASAP!!

Peace and Love!

Friday, August 28, 2009

LuLuLemon Love

I have found True Love in the form of a bag. I am seriously obsessed and can't stop thinking about it! What is this 8th wonder of the modern world???
The Lululemon Cross Fit Duffel!
in Bright Magenta of course!

Look at its amazing features:
-a removable water resistant, washable pouch for stinky workout gear/shoes

-Pockets GALORE!
-For your iPOD, Phone,
Lip Gloss,
and your reusable shopping totes!
-Padded pouch for your laptop

-Water-resistant interior
-Handles AND shoulder strap
-Straps for your yoga mat

I will be carrying this lovely little beauty with me EVERYWHERE!!!!

So obviously, I am now banned from Lululemon. I just arrived a few minutes early for the Fun Run and looked around for a bit. I just could not resist this bag-and this big SIGG wata-bottle
[its impossible to do a 360 degree shot- but it says Sweat-Once a Day]
The Fun Run was FUN and I'll be back. But I should probably leave my credit card at home next time.....

hey this is what i've been working all summer for-right???

Have a Glorious Friday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Is Good

I love work but man, days off are so relaxing! Trying to soak up all the last moments of summer before I go back to school in, *gasp*, 1 week!
Prana Raw Cafe FAIL. We got all the way out to Newton and found out they hadn't been fully inspected, and could not open until Monday.
But they were very nice and gave us a raw macaroon, so all is forgiven and I shall be back on Monday.

Without much of an agenda we decided to explore Watertown and find Russos-"The Food Lover's Food Store" a huge indoor market/grocery store with oodles of fresh produce and specialty items. Wow the selection was unbelievable and ridiculously cheap. Most of it was not local, but it was still a fun experience.
Champagne Grapes-so petite!
This is Kate's Figgy Face
Figs and an ugli fruit hiding its ugly little face :)
Oh and on the way I found this bible

at "Sister Thrift" for $1-Love it!
After doing a little urban grape foraging and getting more Yerba Mate at Alana's house, we came back to Allston and made signs for SFBU's table at SPLASH (where all the frosh come to learn about all the exciting clubs BU has!! rahrahrah!)
SFBU has the coolest Officers ever. Just Sayin' We rocked the signage.

Ceci n'est pas une tomate. THIS IS NOT A TOMATO!
Nom Nom Noming around the world
I think its time we make an arts and crafts club.
I have a feeling its going to be a great semester! We have a bunch of great events planned, which will be up on the bloggity soon!

Today: I made Diet, Dogs, Desserts Zucchini Bread Oatmeal for breakkie and it was delicious!
Then I went to Work
and Now I'm heading downtown to:
1. Figure out what's wrong with my nano :(
2. Check out the Dell Mini Laptops. ANYONE HAVE ONE??? Like it?????
3. Go on a Lululemon 4 mi Fun Run!!! Yay!

Hope Mother Nature is gracing you with a Thursday as beautiful as mine!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The "Crema" of the Crop!

Hello Wednesday!
Yesterday I checked out Crema Cafe in Harvard Square, which was adorable!
I had their Mate Latte with soy milk and actually found it to be quite good!
I'm really trying to reduce the amount of coffee I'm drinking, and Yerba Mate seems like a pretty good substitute.
The cafe itself is so cute, and they have several vegan options on the lunch menu! I'll be back!
Farmers Market Sunflowers
Here's some links I am loving right now: post about Urban Gardening
-There's a plethora of great movies out there that deal with sustainable food issues, and Serious Easts just did a great round-up!!I highly suggest you look at their list and add them to your "Must Watch" list!! (and don't miss out on that adorable video of the 5th graders! Its 2 minutes long-you can squeeze it in!)
-Jessica did an awesome post a week back about what being an RD means. I couldn't agree more. Although I am a huge advocate of Organic, Sustainable food, and quite interested in Holistic Healing and Nutrition, I think its important to have the scientific background and experience that an RD certification entails.
-And of course, the Time article about the High Price of Cheap Food

k-I'm off to the Grand Opening of Prana Raw Cafe in Newton! Can't wait!

Have a great Wednesday and Don't forget that you're beautiful!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A FRESH Walk Through Boston

On my days off I tend to Walk and Wander. Lets look at Friday for example: Wake up 5:45 am. 4 mi run. Shower/Eat/check email/read blogs/wander about the internet. 9:30 leave apartment, walk downtown. Stop into Urban Outfitters, get blow away by their "50% off all sale items" sale and buy three shirts. I also put up my first Operation Beautiful post-it, and it felt great!
I love this project and can't wait to do more! Next Wander into Niketown, the Popcraft exhibit and meet a friend for ice cream @ wheelers. Find out Wheelers is closed, Go to Bolocco for Smoothies (triathlete=OJ, Banana, Strawberries, & Soy protein). Walk to Govt Center to the Greenfest. Eat samples from MamboSprouts (luna "cookies")
Hope these randoms don't find their picture on the internet and get mad!
Buy some Teather (yay for supporting local businesses!)
I love teather. Fruit+Tea and dehydrated. No added sugar. Plus Jim Rocks!
and tasted the Nasoya Silken creations (tastes just like chocolate pudding yum! I might just be tempted to buy one!) Then I went to the screening of Fresh the Movie.
It was unbearably Hot and the Clean Energy protesters, while I'm sure their intentions are good, were quite obnoxious and distracting. Other than that the movie was great! Interviews with Michael Pollan and his (and everyone's) favorite farmer-Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. I thought it was another well-made sustainable Food movie (I feel like this is an entire genre now-with Future of Food, Food Inc, and many more!). Three quick take-away points:
Cheap Food is an illusion. We pay for it with our ill health, and a dying environment

*Organic is productive. Studies have proven that moderate scale organic farms preform just as well as convential farms, without the negative consequences. Conventional is more expensive due to the cost of pesticides and expensive equipment and is ultimately unsustainable. It is not true that we would starve if everyone went organic. This is a lie propagated by large agribusiness and seed companies to keep their jobs. Not only could we grow enough organically, but the vast majority of corn grown today is fed to animals and used to produce HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils-making us even sicker.

*Americans fear only one thing: inconvenience. We need to take a minute, slow down and realize what we are putting in our bodies. "Convenience foods"=highly processed JUNK that make us and our planet sick. Healthy foods can be be convenient though-A locally grown apple is a perfect snack for us Busy Americans!
All-in-all a good movie and I recommend you go see it! I think we're (SFBU) going to try to screen it this fall!
I'm so glad that Boston hosted this Greenfest. Sometimes it seems like we're pretty far behind other major cities (just now recycling cans can be spotted on some sidewalks), yet we seem to have a fairly eco-conscious population. But the more awareness that can be raised the better!! Before I headed home, I had to hit up the Port-a-pottys and even they were GREEN!! (not just in color-the sign says "certified green") (and didn't smell-AT ALL! sorry, tmi?? ) Then I wandered back home and to Babtiste Power Yoga, were I sweated even more. You'll hear all about my sweat-scapades next week in a HYDRATION 101 post. Then I met some friends for dinner at my favorite spanish restaurant-Zocalo-for fresh guacamole and salsa galore! And then I went to sleep, because I like to rest before my weekend of work :)

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off? or any new "GREEN" insights??

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharing Is Caring

Don't you just love getting things in the mail? While email is super efficient and speedy, its just so nice to get a sealed, stamped package or letter these days. I got back from a fun but long day wandering around Boston to textbooks and Brendan Brazier's book "Thrive"!!! The lovely people at Sequal Naturals sent this to me because I was a Healthy Living Summit Attendee, along with Vega's new Smoothie Infusions. I can not wait to read this! He's basically my hero-a vegan ironman triathlete! I put the Smoothie Infusion in smoothie to take to work for lunch, and did a little taste-test and its quite good! It adds 14g of protein and 6 g of fiber, all from organic natural whole food sources. I love Vega's protein mixes, except for the berry flavor-i'm not down with that taste. They are also coming out with a line of Sports Drink mixes, which I can not wait for!!! Maybe I'll have someone from Canada sneak it over the border....

I also have the best friends in the world. My marathon BFF Priyanka left last week to go home/to Mexico and before she left she gave me these goodies:
Wasn't that sweet of her??? She obviously knows all my favorite things, and I don't know how I'm going to run 15 miles this weekend without her!

In this gift-tastic post I want to mention that Special K Treatment had the best idea In this Post.
She's basically creating a sharing circle-you send something your digging to someone, and you'll get a little surprise in the mail. Of course I said I wanted to join! You should to!

Random gifts are so great. and Giving them is as great as recieving them.I think its time for me to go send a few gifts, since I have been the lucky recipient lately!

I leave you with this sign I saw at the Farmers Market Yesterday. Something I may need to be reminded of:

Healthy is Life outside Your Inbox

Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy Living Summit

I was one of the lucky 125 attendees to the First (and hopefully Annual!!) Healthy Living Summit in Boston this past weekend!
The spectacular 6 were celebrities in this micro-universe and it was fun to meet the people behind the blogs I read everyday. Tina's was actually one of the first blogs that I started reading, and I love to hear what she's up to in Boston. I just recently started checking out the other girls' but so far they're all great! It is slightly odd though-because you "know" so much about these people, yet we have never really spoken in real like. What do you talk about??? Luckily everyone had so much in common that that wasn't a problem! It was quite amusing-everyone on their blackberries/iPHONE tweeting away and cameras flashing every two seconds-a bit overwhelming at times!
I had fun getting dressed up for the cocktail party! It was at Rustic Kitchen and adorable-though not many vegan options! I chatted with Jessica , Cat and Julia and it was fun!The next morning started bright and early but I was thrilled to try MixMyGranola for Breakfast! Tasty!

[the lighting was poor all day, so i didn't end up taking many pictures :( ]
Had a few too many coffee and teas, but Hey-it was a long day of sitting ahead.
After an informal opening, Janel, who is a sweetheart and great Dietitian/Speaker/Blogger gave a presentation about Healthy Eating, which I thought she presented in a very well-rounded way.
She took questions that readers had asked and answered them in a thoughtful manner, always emphasizing the importance of individualized plans and "moderation."
Zestycook did a GREAT presentation about blogging[How To]. I hope to use some of his pointers soon!
At lunch, I got to sit at a table with two of my favorite bloggers, Melissa and Gena from NYC which was great. Again, not many vegan options, but tasty tropical fruit!

There was a presentation by a dairy farmer from Stonyfield after lunch, and though I'm not a huge fan of the dairy industry it was good to hear some Shout-outs to organic and sustainable farming methods. Then Caitlin did a speech about Operation Beautiful, which was great-I really need to participate!!

After a fun Pom Juice Bar, each blogger did a little talk about exercise;what they do, injury prevention, training plans, different cardio options, etc. It was very well presented and they had a lot of good information. Priyanka has been having some leg problems, so I was texting away at her while different people offered suggestions for injuries.
Thanks to lots of amazing sponsors there was an abundance of good food and unbelievable swag bags! Can't to try/review all my tasty treats! I also won two gift certificates for Peeled Snacks- But check out this link and you can get $10 off your order too!
To wrap up the day, a silent auction of baked goodies was held to to Benefit Team In Training. For a measly $20 donation I snagged some delicious "No-Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Bites" from SimplySavor!
I didn't participate in the journey to the Northend that night because I had a run to do, and MCAT completion celebration to partake in. I missed out on the morning run too, because I returned to work Sunday morning. Oh well!
I just adore the blogging community and it was so fun to see everyone in person!
All in all it was an amazing weekend, being surrounded by 123 beautiful, amazing, strong, healthy women (and two awesome dudes!) I really hope there is a repeat next year!!

This week I'm taking advantage of Babtiste Power Yoga's offer to new students of a free first week and getting my HOT YOGA ON! This is a Vinyasa Flow style yoga, but preformed in a heated room for 90 minutes, like Bikram, but unlike Bikram it does not have the rigidity and emphasis on holding 26 deep postures. I like both, and I like free yoga even better! SO, since I'm a sweat-machine, I stocked up on a variety of electrolyte replacements at Whole Foods, and doing a Taste/Performance Test everyday this week! So expect a long post next week about my findings!

Have a great Monday!!