Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Is Good

I love work but man, days off are so relaxing! Trying to soak up all the last moments of summer before I go back to school in, *gasp*, 1 week!
Prana Raw Cafe FAIL. We got all the way out to Newton and found out they hadn't been fully inspected, and could not open until Monday.
But they were very nice and gave us a raw macaroon, so all is forgiven and I shall be back on Monday.

Without much of an agenda we decided to explore Watertown and find Russos-"The Food Lover's Food Store" a huge indoor market/grocery store with oodles of fresh produce and specialty items. Wow the selection was unbelievable and ridiculously cheap. Most of it was not local, but it was still a fun experience.
Champagne Grapes-so petite!
This is Kate's Figgy Face
Figs and an ugli fruit hiding its ugly little face :)
Oh and on the way I found this bible

at "Sister Thrift" for $1-Love it!
After doing a little urban grape foraging and getting more Yerba Mate at Alana's house, we came back to Allston and made signs for SFBU's table at SPLASH (where all the frosh come to learn about all the exciting clubs BU has!! rahrahrah!)
SFBU has the coolest Officers ever. Just Sayin' We rocked the signage.

Ceci n'est pas une tomate. THIS IS NOT A TOMATO!
Nom Nom Noming around the world
I think its time we make an arts and crafts club.
I have a feeling its going to be a great semester! We have a bunch of great events planned, which will be up on the bloggity soon!

Today: I made Diet, Dogs, Desserts Zucchini Bread Oatmeal for breakkie and it was delicious!
Then I went to Work
and Now I'm heading downtown to:
1. Figure out what's wrong with my nano :(
2. Check out the Dell Mini Laptops. ANYONE HAVE ONE??? Like it?????
3. Go on a Lululemon 4 mi Fun Run!!! Yay!

Hope Mother Nature is gracing you with a Thursday as beautiful as mine!!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

Bummer about the raw place! Definitely go back so I can EAT vicariously though you--I've always wanted to go to a raw restaurant! AND because they gave you a macaroony!! Russos sounds so cool! I wish had known of all these places before I went to Boston!

ambrown said...

Consider me a fan of Kate's Fig Face.

Gina said...

Sounds like you have a great semester planned. I can't believe I have to go in for work on Tuesday. Scary :)