Saturday, August 22, 2009

A FRESH Walk Through Boston

On my days off I tend to Walk and Wander. Lets look at Friday for example: Wake up 5:45 am. 4 mi run. Shower/Eat/check email/read blogs/wander about the internet. 9:30 leave apartment, walk downtown. Stop into Urban Outfitters, get blow away by their "50% off all sale items" sale and buy three shirts. I also put up my first Operation Beautiful post-it, and it felt great!
I love this project and can't wait to do more! Next Wander into Niketown, the Popcraft exhibit and meet a friend for ice cream @ wheelers. Find out Wheelers is closed, Go to Bolocco for Smoothies (triathlete=OJ, Banana, Strawberries, & Soy protein). Walk to Govt Center to the Greenfest. Eat samples from MamboSprouts (luna "cookies")
Hope these randoms don't find their picture on the internet and get mad!
Buy some Teather (yay for supporting local businesses!)
I love teather. Fruit+Tea and dehydrated. No added sugar. Plus Jim Rocks!
and tasted the Nasoya Silken creations (tastes just like chocolate pudding yum! I might just be tempted to buy one!) Then I went to the screening of Fresh the Movie.
It was unbearably Hot and the Clean Energy protesters, while I'm sure their intentions are good, were quite obnoxious and distracting. Other than that the movie was great! Interviews with Michael Pollan and his (and everyone's) favorite farmer-Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. I thought it was another well-made sustainable Food movie (I feel like this is an entire genre now-with Future of Food, Food Inc, and many more!). Three quick take-away points:
Cheap Food is an illusion. We pay for it with our ill health, and a dying environment

*Organic is productive. Studies have proven that moderate scale organic farms preform just as well as convential farms, without the negative consequences. Conventional is more expensive due to the cost of pesticides and expensive equipment and is ultimately unsustainable. It is not true that we would starve if everyone went organic. This is a lie propagated by large agribusiness and seed companies to keep their jobs. Not only could we grow enough organically, but the vast majority of corn grown today is fed to animals and used to produce HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils-making us even sicker.

*Americans fear only one thing: inconvenience. We need to take a minute, slow down and realize what we are putting in our bodies. "Convenience foods"=highly processed JUNK that make us and our planet sick. Healthy foods can be be convenient though-A locally grown apple is a perfect snack for us Busy Americans!
All-in-all a good movie and I recommend you go see it! I think we're (SFBU) going to try to screen it this fall!
I'm so glad that Boston hosted this Greenfest. Sometimes it seems like we're pretty far behind other major cities (just now recycling cans can be spotted on some sidewalks), yet we seem to have a fairly eco-conscious population. But the more awareness that can be raised the better!! Before I headed home, I had to hit up the Port-a-pottys and even they were GREEN!! (not just in color-the sign says "certified green") (and didn't smell-AT ALL! sorry, tmi?? ) Then I wandered back home and to Babtiste Power Yoga, were I sweated even more. You'll hear all about my sweat-scapades next week in a HYDRATION 101 post. Then I met some friends for dinner at my favorite spanish restaurant-Zocalo-for fresh guacamole and salsa galore! And then I went to sleep, because I like to rest before my weekend of work :)

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off? or any new "GREEN" insights??


Allie said...

So jealous you live in Boston! I love it there and am thinking about moving there after graduation...although there are 23904 factors that will affect that decision! Strolling around cities is just so relaxing, I'm definitely a city girl at heart.

Thanks so much for the advice on textbooks! I have a couple weeks to return them so I'll be checking out that site.

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

thANKS :) i will put your note up soon!!!

prettygreengirl said...

I love the point about inconvenience. That's so it! I hope that people are starting to think more long-term! I guess some people never will, but there are a lot of people that hopefully can be convinced to think about more than just what's easy right now!