Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy Living Summit

I was one of the lucky 125 attendees to the First (and hopefully Annual!!) Healthy Living Summit in Boston this past weekend!
The spectacular 6 were celebrities in this micro-universe and it was fun to meet the people behind the blogs I read everyday. Tina's was actually one of the first blogs that I started reading, and I love to hear what she's up to in Boston. I just recently started checking out the other girls' but so far they're all great! It is slightly odd though-because you "know" so much about these people, yet we have never really spoken in real like. What do you talk about??? Luckily everyone had so much in common that that wasn't a problem! It was quite amusing-everyone on their blackberries/iPHONE tweeting away and cameras flashing every two seconds-a bit overwhelming at times!
I had fun getting dressed up for the cocktail party! It was at Rustic Kitchen and adorable-though not many vegan options! I chatted with Jessica , Cat and Julia and it was fun!The next morning started bright and early but I was thrilled to try MixMyGranola for Breakfast! Tasty!

[the lighting was poor all day, so i didn't end up taking many pictures :( ]
Had a few too many coffee and teas, but Hey-it was a long day of sitting ahead.
After an informal opening, Janel, who is a sweetheart and great Dietitian/Speaker/Blogger gave a presentation about Healthy Eating, which I thought she presented in a very well-rounded way.
She took questions that readers had asked and answered them in a thoughtful manner, always emphasizing the importance of individualized plans and "moderation."
Zestycook did a GREAT presentation about blogging[How To]. I hope to use some of his pointers soon!
At lunch, I got to sit at a table with two of my favorite bloggers, Melissa and Gena from NYC which was great. Again, not many vegan options, but tasty tropical fruit!

There was a presentation by a dairy farmer from Stonyfield after lunch, and though I'm not a huge fan of the dairy industry it was good to hear some Shout-outs to organic and sustainable farming methods. Then Caitlin did a speech about Operation Beautiful, which was great-I really need to participate!!

After a fun Pom Juice Bar, each blogger did a little talk about exercise;what they do, injury prevention, training plans, different cardio options, etc. It was very well presented and they had a lot of good information. Priyanka has been having some leg problems, so I was texting away at her while different people offered suggestions for injuries.
Thanks to lots of amazing sponsors there was an abundance of good food and unbelievable swag bags! Can't to try/review all my tasty treats! I also won two gift certificates for Peeled Snacks- But check out this link and you can get $10 off your order too!
To wrap up the day, a silent auction of baked goodies was held to to Benefit Team In Training. For a measly $20 donation I snagged some delicious "No-Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Bites" from SimplySavor!
I didn't participate in the journey to the Northend that night because I had a run to do, and MCAT completion celebration to partake in. I missed out on the morning run too, because I returned to work Sunday morning. Oh well!
I just adore the blogging community and it was so fun to see everyone in person!
All in all it was an amazing weekend, being surrounded by 123 beautiful, amazing, strong, healthy women (and two awesome dudes!) I really hope there is a repeat next year!!

This week I'm taking advantage of Babtiste Power Yoga's offer to new students of a free first week and getting my HOT YOGA ON! This is a Vinyasa Flow style yoga, but preformed in a heated room for 90 minutes, like Bikram, but unlike Bikram it does not have the rigidity and emphasis on holding 26 deep postures. I like both, and I like free yoga even better! SO, since I'm a sweat-machine, I stocked up on a variety of electrolyte replacements at Whole Foods, and doing a Taste/Performance Test everyday this week! So expect a long post next week about my findings!

Have a great Monday!!


Eugenia said...

Awesome recap, Elizabeth! It was super fun to meet you, and so glad you enjoyed the summit, too :)


Kath said...

So jealous you got the hazelnut bites!! I bid on those!

Thank you for coming to the Summit!

Nicole Chow - said...

I love the name of your blog! I don't think we had the chance to meet at the Summit? I'm so bummed. You seem like such a cool gal. Can't wait to hear about your yoga classes at Baron Baptiste. I take yoga at in Watertown and the owner studied under Baron. Have fun! Maybe we can meet at the next Boston event? I live in Boston, too!