Thursday, August 13, 2009

a RAWSOME Week!!

My friend Kate and I have been working on incorporating more raw foods into our life for the past week and so far it's been great! Gosh I love summer! Fresh fruit and vegetables are just so refreshing!
My "Green" smoothies have been taking more of a purplish tinge lately, thanks to those lovely Beet Greens!
We have the classiest glasses in my apartment :)
On Wednesday Annabelle and I went to Grezzo for lunch. I decided to just forgo savory and head right to sweet, what I really wanted. So I had the hempseed brownie and a scoop of Rum Raisin Gelato. AMAZING!!!!!!!! the hempseed brownie was much much better than I expected (I am not a fan of hemp milk, or hemp protein powder).
It was so rich, and "batter-y". mmmm melt in your mouth, lara-bar on steroids, fantastic! and the decadent chocolate sauce drizzled on top....... I can't believe this is the cheapest dessert at grezzo! Um hello new diet staple!
And after Alissa "tweeted" about the rum raisin, i knew i had to try it.
It didn't disappoint, with a bit of graham cracker crumble :).
After eating these two things I was SO FULL!!! Which I totally wasn't expecting. Sometimes I feel like my stomach is an endless hole, but I was so completely satisfied after this meal even though the portions weren't humongous!
Then I hung out in Davis Square and saw "Moon" which was trippy. [What can you expect-it was directed by Bowie's son!]
I just got home from Julie and Julia- which was ADORABLE and a must see for any foodie, blogger, or foodblogger! I met some foodie dieticians beforehand-Janel, Jess and other lovely ladies!! I just get so excited to meet people in the field, and how social the dietetics profession can be!
And its going to be a busy fun weekend at Healthy Living Summit!! I'm so happy I got in, and I can't wait!!!! Cocktail Party tomorrow night! Yes!
And my marathon BFF Priyanka is taking her MCATS tomorrow, so immediately afterward, and for the rest of the weekend[before she leaves me to go home :(] , we have to celebrate!
And (one last thing i promise) Wheeler of the WONDERFUL Wheeler's Black Label is talking to the BVS on Sunday, and although I already have Dinner plans, I'm going to see Wheeler, pre-buffet...
Hope your Weekend ROCKS!

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Daniel said...

Love the ironic contrast of drinking a raw smoothie out of a Bud Lite pint glass. But those glasses really are sturdy though, aren't they?

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