Monday, August 10, 2009

The Road to El Dorado

No, not that bad Disney movie, but the Hot new spot in Coolidge Corner- DORADO tacos & Cemitas!
Kate and I decided to check out the joint on a lovely summer's evening and were not disappointed. Like a shiny new toy, the tiny space was packed at 7pm on a Wednesday (they are open 11-10 every day!) Fresh and Bold (read-spicy) flavors are highlighted and they are have a variety of dishes for omnivores and vegetarians alike!
I tried the summer pickles-jicama, jalapenos, and carrots
Pickled Jicama how creative!
and the Fruit, cucumber, jicama salad with lime & pico de gallo spices.
Sweet and Spicy=a great combination in the warm weather!
and I just couldn't pass on the Watermelon aquas fresca! mmmm!! (Kate tried the Hibiscus which is also delicious!)
Everything was very reasonably priced, light, and very flavorful. Oh and all their plates/silverware/napkins are 100% compostable!
I'll definitely be back!
And if you're in the neighborhood, go see a movie at the Coolidge Theater! Beautiful independent movie theater which always has great movies! I just saw (500) days of Summer which was adorable, and really want to see Hurt Locker soon!!
Have a fabulous Week!!

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