Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

It was the last weekend of summer :(
But it ROCKED!
1. b.spears was in the HOUSE on Saturday night.
She is so entertaining. Her performers were amazing and she legit brought a circus. wow.
2. My desk went from total chaos
to a bit more acceptable
3. I got a delightful little suprise in the mail from Jessica: She is such a sweetheart! And I love the bar and need to find out where to get them around here. Its sweetened with brown rice syrup, is wheat-free and made of all organic whole food ingredients. And its locally made!!!
4.I ran 16 miles with priyanka on sunday and we celebrated with watermelon afterward.Since we ran late at night, we slept afterward, and woke up and had a breakfast of champions-breakfast burritos at Allston Cafe.
With yerba mate latte, I love this stuff!!!
5. My apartment is so wonderful right now. Both of my roommates are back and we have a brand new kitchen! or basically all new kitchen play-toys! thanks to craigslist and wonderful mommys we be rockin!
Olivia's mom even bought me the PETA vegan cookbook!!! Can't wait to read it!
check out this ice cream scoop in the shape of a whale! awwwhhhh
and my mummy sent me a package of her canning and dehydrated goodies!
Oh and, we be growing-WHEATGRASS!
Its been an amazing summer in Boston, and while I did not get to go skydiving, or find true love, I had a lot of wonderful adventures! School starts Wednesdays, and I have all of these posts in my head and hopefully I'll be able to get my thoughts out into the blog-o-spheare ASAP!!

Peace and Love!

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Allie said...

You saw BRIT!??!?! Ahh I love her!!! I'm so jealous of you. Awesome run! Cool Wheatgrass! Nice work cleanin' girl!