Wednesday, September 30, 2009

POM Wonderful

The fabulous crew at POM was gracious enough to hook me up with some fresh juice!
aren't they the cutest bottles??
To kick of a pom-tastic week I decided to cook with it! 4 forgotten heirloom squash from the csa were lookin lonely in my kitchen, so instead of studying Biochem I decided to get domestic and do some roastin'! I'm a fairly simple cook-just cut up the squash, poured some pom in the baking pan, and let the oven do its job! They turned out fabulous! Plus, the pom gives them an extra antioxidant kick!

I'm not a huge fan of drinking all my calories, but POM is so dang tasty, 100% juice and full of lots of antioxidents. I also love that their orchards are in California, and they don't use any imported fruit.

I'm thinking of making some sorbets and granitas next-Anyone have any recipe suggestions???
Thank you Lindsay and POM for sending me some great samples!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Feet

I have been extremely lucky and injury free during Marathon training. Knock on woodx238987 But after pounding my feet on runs, walking almost everywhere, working on my feet, my little toesies can get a little sore. And we all know that with every stride, the impact on your feet is 2-3x your body weight! wow!
So here's what I do to keep my feet HAPPY!:

  • Soak them in hot water with epsom salts-add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil if you have it!
  • Burt's Bees peppermint foot lotion-love the tingling sensation!!
  • Foot RUBZ-yes it looks like a cat toy, but I LOVE IT! When I'm sitting at my computer I can just give my feet a little massage, and you know how much I adore multi-tasking!
How do you keep your feet happy??

Monday, September 28, 2009

Peak Preformance

\The Vega peeps were the bomb dot com at Expo East. Hookin me up! I talked a bit with one of the sales reps and he said the most popular flavor was the berry-which blew me away! i MUCH prefer the original or chocolate!
So, used some new Vega products to enhance my Peak Week-total mileage=40, Long run=20. Check!
Saturday Night my Smoothie= frozen banana blended with new Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Vanilla Chai=delicious! Love the subtle chai flavor that shines through-so much better than the berry!! I love Vega because 1 serving contains 11g of whole food protein-no isolates! It also has a blend of Brendan Brazier's favorite superfoods-Maca, Chloella, Probiotics and omega 3s. And the only sweetener is stevia. I love that everything in the Vega line is organic and plant based, as well as free from common allergens. And we all know Brazier is my hero!
Got a fairly decent nights sleep, woke up to it drizzling and the Priyanka and I headed out:
On the rolling 20 miler I had the Vega Sports Preformance Optimizer previously only in out northern brother Canada, but now available in the US! I loved it!
The powder which you mix into water contains simple carbs-in the form of sprouted brown rice syrup and palm nectar, electrolytes, and yerba mate with green tea for a little caffeine boost. It was pleasing to the exercised palate-not too strong but a faint taste. And I like the little yerba kick! It comes in two flavors-lemon lime and acai berry. I'm just waiting for this to hit my Whole Foods Shelves!

Also along for our little jaunt was a Clif Shot. I like Clif gels because they use brown rice syrup as the sweetener/carb and are certified organic. I use gels on my runs that are more than 14 miles because i can really feel them help me get through the last bit, and they don't cause any stomach discomfort. My favorite flavor is mocha-which also has green tea as a small caffeine source. But it tastes the best-in my humble opinion. The chocolate pudding is too rich, and the fruit flavors usually gross me out. Stuck that little dude in my back pocket=here's a butt shot!
love running tights!
Let the tapering begin! which I'm a bit nervous about-this is my first time using a real training plan, and i'm trying to get my head into the taper game-you have to let your body rest and store up energy, right??? i hope i don't go crazy on the last week-when the mileage drops down to 20. If you have any suggestions or words of advice I'd love to hear them!!!

Have a Fab Monday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Live On a Veggie Planet

Thursday night I had Dinner with Janel and Jessica. Two, lovely, inspiring ladies who I want to be just like when i "grow up." Seriously! We checked out Veggie Planet in Harvard Square, which I had, embarrassingly never been to! It was pretty tasty. Super crowded, Cheap and very Vegan friendly. There's an adjacent music club next to it, which I've heard can bring in some good talent. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures **hangs head in shame**! But the food was good, and the conversation wonderful!

Friday morning I had my 1st Exam with Prof Salge Blake, and I think it went well-crossing fingers. After the examine I hopped on the T and headed to the Convention Center for Expo East-an all natural products expo! Thanks to Keith from Stevia In the Raw (and Janel!)I got in as a nutrition blogger!

Does this mean I'm legit??First of all, it was GIGANTIC! And there was everything from Vitamins, to protein powders, from Dog biscuits to gluten free cookies, from chap-stick to recycled plate sets.

My new BFFS at Stevia in The Raw:
It was amazing getting to talk to the PR department of all the brands I love and try out brand-new things I'd never heard of!! Everyone was really upbeat and passionate about what they do, and were interested in hearing my story too! Now I have to start pestering my WF to start carrying a lot of these new products! Come on Northeast-we're la
A few quick highlights:
Coconut Water Everywhere!
Expressed my Love for Larabars
The New Cliff C bar!!!!!!!!!!! Not in stores til January-a new whole foods bar from Cliff- "made from only things you would find at your farmers market"
9000 pecans in vacuumed sealed plastic
A Tahini Fountain!!

People kept throwing products and business cards at me-I was in heaven! Unbelievable!

I learned A LOT and have a lot of tasting to do still-so you'll be seeing lots of product reviews in the upcoming weeks!
My Calender is marked! Thanks again Keith and Stevia in the Raw-can't wait to try you!
This weekend=work, potlucks and birthday parties (hopefully), homework (probably need to work on my prioritizing) and 20 miles!

Have a great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!!

I know, the equinox was yesterday, but better late than never right??

from my new favorite blog
sometimes its good to explore nonfood related blogs!
Things I love about the fall:
Pumpkin anything
Acorn Squash
New England Trees
soups, all the time
I am starting to feel the school crunch, but ah, so is life! I have a big business presentation coming up, but I'm loving GoogleDocs!!! Oh, and 307 kids in the class-all randomly assigned a company to research and present about, and guess who i got??? Drum roll please.......
WHOLE FOODS!!!!! ahhhh love it! Now I shall know all about their financial standing:)
This is my highest mileage week-40 and 3.5 weeks til Nike Womens. Today I completed 10 miles before 6:30am which was pretty cool, if you're into that sort of thing :)
On Sunday we're going to do a mini "race simulation" for our 20 miler .
Things I need to work on this week:
i need to buy myself a foam roller. I love using the one at the gym, but i should do it more often. Look at No Meat Athletes great Foam Roller 101!
great life goals i think
What's your favorite part about the fall?
Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Life in Technicolor

Had a fabulous night at the Isabella Gardner Museum with friends and Janet of PrettyGreenGirl! It so neat to meet people you "know" from the blogworld in real life, and I was so glad to catch Janet before she headed off to London for new job training! She's a sweetheart and the Gardner Museum is amazing! I can't believe that's the first time I've ever been! They wouldn't let us use cameras or phones though :( So here's my muse: After that great Thursday, my Friday has just been technicolor!! Started the morning with banana "ice cream" with Greens + blended in! These are the four 0 cal SoBE life waters that were being handed out on campus today. I asked the four "distributors" which flavor I should try and they each gave me a different one! lol.

I really liked the taste of the acai fruit punch and the Black and Blue Berry! They are sweetened with erthyritol, a calorie free sugar alcohol and fortified with multivitamin blend. Pretty sweet!

I tossed them in my lovely bag and went with Annabelle to Prana Raw for lunch and study sess!

Raw Granola parfeit with apples, peaches and cashew creame! Can't decide my feelings about the cashew creme but the granola was great!
Studying is draining, so a couple hours later we got the flax crackers with mango salsa! I love this place and I think we're going to have to make this a Friday tradition!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays!

Things I love right here, Right now:

  • My Brand New Crackberry! Omg i've had it for 5 hours. I'm in Love. This is a problem.
  • Yerba Mate Sometimes I have a hard time squeezing sleep into my schedule. I need to work on that. But Yerba, I loves you!
  • Preserve razor blade made of 100% recyled yogurt containers! And they're locally made in Waltham!!
  • Good, Free Things that BU gives you: 1. Free coffee [if you bring your own mug!] and local apples at the "Sustainable Cafe" on Mondays 2. Mini Cliff and Mojo Bars at FitRec
  • Giveaways. Thank you Raw Juice Girl for the great book! I can't wait to read it!!! Lucky #13

  • A Fresh, Local Melons in my CSA!

  • Marathon Training
This is what 18 miles feels like: AWESOME

I am just so happy, a couple years ago I would have never thought I could run 18 miles. I was never athletic growing up. I was a dancing for 12 years, but ball sports, even "scampering" around the park with my dad, was not my cup of tea. Then sophomore year in HS i started doing short runs before school-but was never on a sports team (Debate Team represent!). I just love it! I've run two half marathons and now, in 4.5 weeks I will run 26.2!!
Priyanka and I set out, in the rain, and it went very well! Here are some treats I picked up from Marathon Sports the other week, and I ended up using two of them:
At mile 10 I took the carb BOOM I had never seen this before, but I bought it because they use fruit purees and concentrate for a quick source of sugar instead of isolated glucose or fructose you usually find in gels. It taste tart and strawberry-y. I would buy another
And after the run, I used my "Foot Rubz" while doing homework! Yes it looks like a cat toy, but it is so nice to massage my feet after a run!
  • And Last: Im meeting PrettyGreen Girl tomorrow because she's in Boston, and I love Boston!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


On Monday [Labor Day] I headed to the Boston Commons to join the Boston Localvores for an EAT-IN. Finally found their picnic spot amidst a huge Healthcare Rally. I could only stay for a short while because I had to get to work, but it was a decent sized gathering of people.
We went around and talked about our own school lunch experiences and I was reminded once again of how lucky I am to have health-concious parents!! My lunchbox had hummus and baby carrots instead of having to resort to mystery meat!
All picnic potlucks should be like this!

This Eat-in was done in conjunction with over 300 around the country to raising Awareness about the School Lunch program and changes that Must be made to it. Serious Eats had a great post about this.

in other news-classes are in full swing and my 18 credit course load, complete with a 6 credit intensive business class (don't ask me why all dietetics students must complete it prior to graduation, because i don't know) is going to be challenging. But SFBU got off to a great start and I decided to reduce my hours at work to just once a week.

With 5
weeks until Nike Womens Marathon, it was time for some new shoes. Unfortunately the only supernovas currently in stock at my favorite Marathon Sports were the yellow ones. Not my favorite color, but the woman in front of me at the check-out reminded me that "You don't run for Color." Touche.
Here are my three generations of supernovas-in a gray gradation:
If I find any free time in my schedule, I'm reading this:
Sometimes our lovely BU Fitrec gives out baby-sized cliff bars and now they have a wrapper recycling station! How exciting!
Ok, I'm going to do some Biochem problems now, and then attempt an 18-miler in the rain!

Have a super weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Two things:
1. It is 9-9-09 today and this is my 99th post. Symbolic??

2.Can I just say how much I love the blogging community?? There is such a wonderful group of people out there who love good, healthy, clean, sustainable, vegan, and/or raw food!
I found the pure2raw blog a little while ago, and was quite jealous that I didn't live in North Carolina so I could taste some of the delightful creations that were coming out of Lori and Michelle Corsi's kitchen! With vegans and allergies in mind, they created Twin Cakes Bakery where they specialize in organic, gluten-wheat-egg-dairy-peanut-refinedsugar-free deserts! They also have soy, casein, potato, yeast and corn free options!
Michelle asked me if I would like to sample some of their Pure2Raw line and of course I said yes!!!! This Twin Cakes line is make with all natural, unprocessed, organic ingredients, and never heated about 115 degrees.
Look at all the goodies!!

I love raw desserts, and these treats were exceptional. I shared my wealth with roommates and a few friends and everyone (even though they are not vegan nor raw) was blown away.
Rich Brownie Bites- UNBELIEVABLE!! Very rich and creamy, like a real brownie but made just with almonds, dates and pumpkin seeds (and a little spirulina for an extra nutritional kick!)
Raw Blueberry Fig Snack Bites-Like a raw fig newton! (in a ball!)
Vanilla and Chocolate Macaroons- a perfect blend of coconut and cashews for a tropical cookie treat


Although my sweet tooth makes me partial to the above category, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Flatbreads and Crackers!
mmmm flatbread

Onion Kale and Collard Fiesta Flatbreads- the thickest raw "bread" I have ever had. It was amazing! It would be so good as a wrap! Flax and greens make the base of this flatbread and lots of great spices and onions add a real flavor kick!
Herb and Rosemary Crackers- dryer and crunchier than the flatbread, due to the added nuts. Again, outstanding flavor

and Michelle is about to begin classes at 105 degrees academy, so she'll have even more training as a raw chef, although I don't know how these little treats could get any better!

The twins are currently working on shipping, so hopefully soon their treats will be available to us outside the NC area! But in the meantime, check out their blog-its fabulous!

Thank you ladies for letting me sample!

And I shall leave this symbolic post with the quote from my Yogi Tea this morning:

May This Day Bring You Peace, Tranquility and Harmony.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eat the Revolution

So one week of classes down and I' already feeling overwhelmed, great. I feel like I'm already behind and that is not good! Gotta rearrange some priorities in my life. So this may be a brief hiatus from blogging until I get settled in again.

Tomorrow I will be joining Slow Food BU, and the Boston Locavores, as well as 305 slow food groups around the country for a Labor Day Eat-in
The goal is to send a clear message to Congress that is time we provide America's children with REAL food at school. Check out the website-its filled with lots of great info as well as where you can find the nearest eat-in to you!
I have a lot I want to blog about, so hopefully I can squeeze some quality catch-up writing time in between computer shopping, doing biochem problem sets, work, and marathon training!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

It's yoga month and if you register here you can get 1 week of free classes at a gym of your choice!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Makin' A Splash

Farewell Summer :( hello School!
[at least we still have the farmers markets! checkout this great map Annabelle made! ]

Slow Food BU Represented at Splash! at BU on Monday
Kate and Annabelle signin kiddies up!
Splash happens every fall, to introduce all the freshman to Clubs and Activities on Campus. We were part of the "Green Section" Where all the clubs dedicated to sustainability were congregated.
Next to our BFFs the Organic Gardening Collective
Dory and I rocked our Tees
Words to Live By: Ride it like you stole it and Eat more Kale
I tried to get Windows Live Writer to work, but my tiny battery died on me

We met a lot of fun people-(Extreme Croquet Club I will be hitting you up!) And Spread the Word:
Hello BU!
Last night we attended a Sustainability Dinner with The Director of Sustainability at BU, Dennis Carlberg. It was in StuVii 2-the new residence hall, which is unbelievably nice!! Like, fancier than a lot of hotels I've been in! The Dinner was up on the 26th floor and just check out the view!!!
It was a gathering for the student groups and administration to talk about what BU is doing sustainably and where there was still room for improvements. All while eating a Zero Waste, locally grown meal!
Love Food Hate Waste!
Kelly Dunn, our favorite Sustainable Dining Coordinator did a presentation working to reduce food waste at BU.
SFBU has worked with her on ideas for making a more sustainable dining services, and she is very receptive.
Slow Food is ready to rock this semester!

And So Am I! Classes Started today, and I had one exciting class, Community Nutrition with Joan Slage Blake and I think its going to be really good! I mean, the woman tweets! love it!

Ok, Time to turn off the computer!