Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eat the Revolution

So one week of classes down and I' already feeling overwhelmed, great. I feel like I'm already behind and that is not good! Gotta rearrange some priorities in my life. So this may be a brief hiatus from blogging until I get settled in again.

Tomorrow I will be joining Slow Food BU, and the Boston Locavores, as well as 305 slow food groups around the country for a Labor Day Eat-in
The goal is to send a clear message to Congress that is time we provide America's children with REAL food at school. Check out the website-its filled with lots of great info as well as where you can find the nearest eat-in to you!
I have a lot I want to blog about, so hopefully I can squeeze some quality catch-up writing time in between computer shopping, doing biochem problem sets, work, and marathon training!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

It's yoga month and if you register here you can get 1 week of free classes at a gym of your choice!!

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