Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Live On a Veggie Planet

Thursday night I had Dinner with Janel and Jessica. Two, lovely, inspiring ladies who I want to be just like when i "grow up." Seriously! We checked out Veggie Planet in Harvard Square, which I had, embarrassingly never been to! It was pretty tasty. Super crowded, Cheap and very Vegan friendly. There's an adjacent music club next to it, which I've heard can bring in some good talent. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures **hangs head in shame**! But the food was good, and the conversation wonderful!

Friday morning I had my 1st Exam with Prof Salge Blake, and I think it went well-crossing fingers. After the examine I hopped on the T and headed to the Convention Center for Expo East-an all natural products expo! Thanks to Keith from Stevia In the Raw (and Janel!)I got in as a nutrition blogger!

Does this mean I'm legit??First of all, it was GIGANTIC! And there was everything from Vitamins, to protein powders, from Dog biscuits to gluten free cookies, from chap-stick to recycled plate sets.

My new BFFS at Stevia in The Raw:
It was amazing getting to talk to the PR department of all the brands I love and try out brand-new things I'd never heard of!! Everyone was really upbeat and passionate about what they do, and were interested in hearing my story too! Now I have to start pestering my WF to start carrying a lot of these new products! Come on Northeast-we're la
A few quick highlights:
Coconut Water Everywhere!
Expressed my Love for Larabars
The New Cliff C bar!!!!!!!!!!! Not in stores til January-a new whole foods bar from Cliff- "made from only things you would find at your farmers market"
9000 pecans in vacuumed sealed plastic
A Tahini Fountain!!

People kept throwing products and business cards at me-I was in heaven! Unbelievable!

I learned A LOT and have a lot of tasting to do still-so you'll be seeing lots of product reviews in the upcoming weeks!
My Calender is marked! Thanks again Keith and Stevia in the Raw-can't wait to try you!
This weekend=work, potlucks and birthday parties (hopefully), homework (probably need to work on my prioritizing) and 20 miles!

Have a great Weekend!!!


Ricki said...

What an amazing event! Now I will definitely make an effort to get to the Expo next time it comes to Toronto. Looking forward to the reviews. :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I got to go a few years ago... SO MUCH FUN!

(Oh, and to answer your question, I was in New York earlier this summer. I'm just way behind in blogging about it!)

nora said...

LOL a TAHINI fountain?! omg hahaha

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

Oh my goshers!!! I'm so jealous of you right now!! 9000 pecans!? I would have cut that vacuum seal open and dug right in :)

Janel said...

You know, I brought my camera with me to Veggie Planet and never broke it out! Whoops. So good to see you multiple times this week!

Janel said...

hi! I stole one of your Expo East photos to put on my blog. Hope thats ok! (If not, tell me and I'll delete!)
Email me about mighty leaf :)