Monday, September 28, 2009

Peak Preformance

\The Vega peeps were the bomb dot com at Expo East. Hookin me up! I talked a bit with one of the sales reps and he said the most popular flavor was the berry-which blew me away! i MUCH prefer the original or chocolate!
So, used some new Vega products to enhance my Peak Week-total mileage=40, Long run=20. Check!
Saturday Night my Smoothie= frozen banana blended with new Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Vanilla Chai=delicious! Love the subtle chai flavor that shines through-so much better than the berry!! I love Vega because 1 serving contains 11g of whole food protein-no isolates! It also has a blend of Brendan Brazier's favorite superfoods-Maca, Chloella, Probiotics and omega 3s. And the only sweetener is stevia. I love that everything in the Vega line is organic and plant based, as well as free from common allergens. And we all know Brazier is my hero!
Got a fairly decent nights sleep, woke up to it drizzling and the Priyanka and I headed out:
On the rolling 20 miler I had the Vega Sports Preformance Optimizer previously only in out northern brother Canada, but now available in the US! I loved it!
The powder which you mix into water contains simple carbs-in the form of sprouted brown rice syrup and palm nectar, electrolytes, and yerba mate with green tea for a little caffeine boost. It was pleasing to the exercised palate-not too strong but a faint taste. And I like the little yerba kick! It comes in two flavors-lemon lime and acai berry. I'm just waiting for this to hit my Whole Foods Shelves!

Also along for our little jaunt was a Clif Shot. I like Clif gels because they use brown rice syrup as the sweetener/carb and are certified organic. I use gels on my runs that are more than 14 miles because i can really feel them help me get through the last bit, and they don't cause any stomach discomfort. My favorite flavor is mocha-which also has green tea as a small caffeine source. But it tastes the best-in my humble opinion. The chocolate pudding is too rich, and the fruit flavors usually gross me out. Stuck that little dude in my back pocket=here's a butt shot!
love running tights!
Let the tapering begin! which I'm a bit nervous about-this is my first time using a real training plan, and i'm trying to get my head into the taper game-you have to let your body rest and store up energy, right??? i hope i don't go crazy on the last week-when the mileage drops down to 20. If you have any suggestions or words of advice I'd love to hear them!!!

Have a Fab Monday!

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