Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Two things:
1. It is 9-9-09 today and this is my 99th post. Symbolic??

2.Can I just say how much I love the blogging community?? There is such a wonderful group of people out there who love good, healthy, clean, sustainable, vegan, and/or raw food!
I found the pure2raw blog a little while ago, and was quite jealous that I didn't live in North Carolina so I could taste some of the delightful creations that were coming out of Lori and Michelle Corsi's kitchen! With vegans and allergies in mind, they created Twin Cakes Bakery where they specialize in organic, gluten-wheat-egg-dairy-peanut-refinedsugar-free deserts! They also have soy, casein, potato, yeast and corn free options!
Michelle asked me if I would like to sample some of their Pure2Raw line and of course I said yes!!!! This Twin Cakes line is make with all natural, unprocessed, organic ingredients, and never heated about 115 degrees.
Look at all the goodies!!

I love raw desserts, and these treats were exceptional. I shared my wealth with roommates and a few friends and everyone (even though they are not vegan nor raw) was blown away.
Rich Brownie Bites- UNBELIEVABLE!! Very rich and creamy, like a real brownie but made just with almonds, dates and pumpkin seeds (and a little spirulina for an extra nutritional kick!)
Raw Blueberry Fig Snack Bites-Like a raw fig newton! (in a ball!)
Vanilla and Chocolate Macaroons- a perfect blend of coconut and cashews for a tropical cookie treat


Although my sweet tooth makes me partial to the above category, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Flatbreads and Crackers!
mmmm flatbread

Onion Kale and Collard Fiesta Flatbreads- the thickest raw "bread" I have ever had. It was amazing! It would be so good as a wrap! Flax and greens make the base of this flatbread and lots of great spices and onions add a real flavor kick!
Herb and Rosemary Crackers- dryer and crunchier than the flatbread, due to the added nuts. Again, outstanding flavor

and Michelle is about to begin classes at 105 degrees academy, so she'll have even more training as a raw chef, although I don't know how these little treats could get any better!

The twins are currently working on shipping, so hopefully soon their treats will be available to us outside the NC area! But in the meantime, check out their blog-its fabulous!

Thank you ladies for letting me sample!

And I shall leave this symbolic post with the quote from my Yogi Tea this morning:

May This Day Bring You Peace, Tranquility and Harmony.


Michelle said...

Do you have a dehydrator? I've tried making raw crackers and stuff by mine don't come out great. Raw is hard to master so I appreciate anyone who can do it right!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Hey Michelle!
I do not have a dehydrator here in Boston but my mom has an excaliber (tray) dehydrator which i love using at home! What kind of dehydrator do you have? I think its mostly a matter of practice!! but in the meantime, or without a dehydrator, i just leave , i just leave it to the experts!