Saturday, September 12, 2009


On Monday [Labor Day] I headed to the Boston Commons to join the Boston Localvores for an EAT-IN. Finally found their picnic spot amidst a huge Healthcare Rally. I could only stay for a short while because I had to get to work, but it was a decent sized gathering of people.
We went around and talked about our own school lunch experiences and I was reminded once again of how lucky I am to have health-concious parents!! My lunchbox had hummus and baby carrots instead of having to resort to mystery meat!
All picnic potlucks should be like this!

This Eat-in was done in conjunction with over 300 around the country to raising Awareness about the School Lunch program and changes that Must be made to it. Serious Eats had a great post about this.

in other news-classes are in full swing and my 18 credit course load, complete with a 6 credit intensive business class (don't ask me why all dietetics students must complete it prior to graduation, because i don't know) is going to be challenging. But SFBU got off to a great start and I decided to reduce my hours at work to just once a week.

With 5
weeks until Nike Womens Marathon, it was time for some new shoes. Unfortunately the only supernovas currently in stock at my favorite Marathon Sports were the yellow ones. Not my favorite color, but the woman in front of me at the check-out reminded me that "You don't run for Color." Touche.
Here are my three generations of supernovas-in a gray gradation:
If I find any free time in my schedule, I'm reading this:
Sometimes our lovely BU Fitrec gives out baby-sized cliff bars and now they have a wrapper recycling station! How exciting!
Ok, I'm going to do some Biochem problems now, and then attempt an 18-miler in the rain!

Have a super weekend!


nora said...

Wow an 18 miler?! are you training for a marathon?!

Raleigh Twins said...

Good luck with running. Let me know how the book is? Thanks for being a taster of our Pure2raw goodies, so glad you enjoyed them! Good luck with school!

Allie said...

I want a baby Cliff bar!!! 18 miles? WOW!

Nicole Chow - said...

18 miles? Holy moly! Good for you! That Eat-In sounds like an awesome idea. So cool! And I'm so glad you talked about that Clif Bar wrapper recycling box - I eat a ton of them and was just wondering today where I could recycle them. Maybe they'll come out with more? Thanks!

Lori said...

What a cool eat-in event. I have to say my lunches were much more on the healthy side too, well, except for pizza day.

I like your shoes. The yellow is nice. I think I would have had to tell the women that, no, you don't run for color, but when investing a lot of the money I work hard for, I want a color I like. :)

Hope your run went well!

Jess said...

I wanted to go to the Eat-In so bad, but I was literally in the middle of a move, surrounded by boxes, and in no shape to cook/bake something worthy of a Slow Food Eat-In.

I'm so jealous you're running the SF Nike Marathon. I'm determined to be picked and run it next year. When did you sign up for the random lottery (which is so unfair because I am so unlucky)?

I guess I sound a bit masochistic that I am whining that I can't get picked to run a marathon... what's wrong with me?!?!?!

Looking forward to Veggie Planet on Fri. Let me know if anything changes.