Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays!

Things I love right here, Right now:

  • My Brand New Crackberry! Omg i've had it for 5 hours. I'm in Love. This is a problem.
  • Yerba Mate Sometimes I have a hard time squeezing sleep into my schedule. I need to work on that. But Yerba, I loves you!
  • Preserve razor blade made of 100% recyled yogurt containers! And they're locally made in Waltham!!
  • Good, Free Things that BU gives you: 1. Free coffee [if you bring your own mug!] and local apples at the "Sustainable Cafe" on Mondays 2. Mini Cliff and Mojo Bars at FitRec
  • Giveaways. Thank you Raw Juice Girl for the great book! I can't wait to read it!!! Lucky #13

  • A Fresh, Local Melons in my CSA!

  • Marathon Training
This is what 18 miles feels like: AWESOME

I am just so happy, a couple years ago I would have never thought I could run 18 miles. I was never athletic growing up. I was a dancing for 12 years, but ball sports, even "scampering" around the park with my dad, was not my cup of tea. Then sophomore year in HS i started doing short runs before school-but was never on a sports team (Debate Team represent!). I just love it! I've run two half marathons and now, in 4.5 weeks I will run 26.2!!
Priyanka and I set out, in the rain, and it went very well! Here are some treats I picked up from Marathon Sports the other week, and I ended up using two of them:
At mile 10 I took the carb BOOM I had never seen this before, but I bought it because they use fruit purees and concentrate for a quick source of sugar instead of isolated glucose or fructose you usually find in gels. It taste tart and strawberry-y. I would buy another
And after the run, I used my "Foot Rubz" while doing homework! Yes it looks like a cat toy, but it is so nice to massage my feet after a run!
  • And Last: Im meeting PrettyGreen Girl tomorrow because she's in Boston, and I love Boston!



Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I want a Blackberry or iPhone so badly!! I told my mom I need one especially for blogging :)

prettygreengirl said...

Jealous of your Blackberry! Oh and your ability to run 18 miles. I am SO behind on training, ack!

I just bought a new Preserve (one for traveling) yesterday!

See you tomorrow! YAY!

Jess said...

Bring it back Bring it back bring it back! Blackberrys are SOOO addicting!! :-)