Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bare Fruit

Got some Bare Fruit at Expo East-Time for a Review!!
I love dried fruit of all kinds. The simple raisin tops my list-but i have a sincere adoration of all.
I tried Bare Fruit- Snack sized packages of bake-dried delights!

They have a huge selection of fruit-from pinapple to tart cherries-I tried these flavors:
Bananas and Cherries-my favorite-the bananas were still a bit moist/soft-not like they were freeze-dried!
Cinnamon Apple-also crunchy with a nice cinnamon dusting
Cherry-Quite tart, not my favorite
No additives or preservatives, 100% organic. Although the individual packaging isn't very "green" it is nice to have it portioned and ready to slip into a bag or backpack for snacks on the go! And No sugar added to any of their products!!

Have a great day!

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Alicia said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It was great meeting you at Blogtoberfest too! I love the blog and look forwad to reading more!!