Friday, October 23, 2009

Eat Drink and Be FAIR!

The lovely Jessica of Fete For Food invited me to an "Eat Drink and Be Fair" fair-trade reception/party this Wednesday,
Hosted by Green Mountain Coffee.

Fair Trade Boston is working to make Boston a fair trade city by 2010. I applaud their efforts and really hope we can do it!! How awesome would that be??

Chefs from Garden at the Cellar, Tastings, evoo, Bambara had a cook-off-Top Chef Style.

Fair Trade Top Chef
They came up with the most creative menus!! Very meat heavy and nothing for me to eat, but I admired their originality!
Jessica unknowingly sample the urchin bisque :)

the Sea Urchin Coffee Vanilla "cappuccino" was the most fascinating to me!

oh hello little urchin!
Mostly local with an emphasis on the flavors of fair trade cocoa and coffee. I had some Green Mtn Coffee but had this been a month later I could have sampled a local apple cider-tini or a variety of local brews.
Two co-op farmers were present and gave a speech about how fair trade was helping them and their communities.

The venue was superb-the Artists for Humanity building in South Boston its a LEED certified building and decorated with windshields and coffee filter lights-so cool!

Jessica and I ran into Sarah of SarahFit and spent the evening talking about all things food nutriton and exercise related-per usual!I was hoping for some fair trade dark chocolate to be passed around but no such luck
We did leave with some pretty sweet swag though-leftover organic veggies!! Love! And coupons for free yogurt which my roomies were very happy about
Thanks again Jessica for taking me as your plus one!
Stay posted for a pretty SWEET giveaway!! Hint-It'll be great in your Fair Trade Coffee!
have a great Friday!

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Pam said...

It was a very cool building - I loved the bathroom!

I also took home some produce, including the largest eggplant I have ever seen :)