Friday, October 9, 2009

Midterms Over-Let the Party Begin!

Drumroll Please.....

Congrats Mish at selected you as the winner of my giveaway! Send me your address and I'll ship you some goodies!!!

My three exams are over and I think they went ok... And to make me even happier-after I finished I went with friends to Peace O' Pie-the new vegan pizzeria in Allston-replacing TJs. We split a glutenfree pizza of the day and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and consistency! Kudos! They are currently only serving GF on thursday but they seem to already have a following! Impressive considering they've only been open 8 days. While TJs held a special chaotic anarchist place in Allston's heart-Peace o' Pie cleaned up good and I wish them the best of luck! Ill be back to check out the ww crust!

When I got home not only did I find these little postits on my door
-thanks dory-
but 3 boxes-shoes, care package from my parents, and stevia!!

love it!!!
Today I had a delicious lunch at Grezzo-Chocolate Chip Cookie and pumpkin gelato!
Justify Full
Tomorrow sfbu is going cranberry bogging which I can't wait for-even if it rains! Best long weekend ever!
Have a great Long Weekend!
Stay tuned for more giveaways and product reviews coming up! Plus its the final countdown til my marathon!

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Nicole said...

Hurray! I love getting packages in the mail - especially when I forget about them and don't realize that they are coming (this doesn't happen too often though). Congrats on your midterms being over! Woo-hoo! What a great feeling! I'm so glad you tried that new pizza place and that it was good. I saw something online the other day and I totally wanted to try it. And you went to Grezzo, too? Holy wow! Those desserts looked so good!

BTW, I'm so glad you are going Project Feed Me. It's such a great cause and I love how the word is spreading. Woo-hoo!