Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new Monday Tradition

This semester I don't have class on Mondays-but I work from 2-9 and have team meetings/group study sessions from 10-2. Aka, not a free day. But my Monday mornings got even better today.
I woke up at 5, hopped on a bus and headed to Newton for a Hot Yoga session at Prana Power Yoga. It was an excellent class and afterward I went to Prana Cafe.
I got a "Dream Machine" coconut water+brazilian nut mylk + a little bit of date=deliciously light and airy beverage!!

And then I busted out some chapters of Biochem. Oh Carbohydrate Metabolism you are so fun!!
I had the cafe to myself all morning long and it was light and bright. I also had a kiddie "pasta"

(zucchini "noodles" with marinara sauce) before I left to shower at home. The waitress/counter-help was extremely nice and didn't seem to mind my sweaty appearance at all.
This is going to be my new Monday Tradition and I couldn't be happier!
Enjoy your Tuesday!


Gena said...

Cool raw noodles!

Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

That "Dream Machine" looks YUM!!!

Thanks for your comment about Alissa - how exciting!!! :-D