Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nike Womens Marathon 2009-Pre Race

Race Weekend has come and gone. It still seems like a dream to me! It was wonderful to be back in California, escaping the snow, seeing my family, eating great food, and running the most gorgeous race ever! I'm slowly catching up on life, and posts will come soon.
We landed on Friday and after meeting my lil bro, dad and Priyanka's mom we went to the pre-race expo.

Nomnomed on some Luna moons after picking up our race packet and then checked out the Oxygen bar.

Some people pay several hundred dollars for a 5 minutes of oxygen! I didn’t notice any benefits-it was just like I was breathing in flavored air-interesting. Safeway also had a station where you could hop on a stationary bike and blend your own smoothie! Way to be energy efficient! (Seriously, when are gyms going to start tapping into all the energy that is produced from stationary equipment?? Get on it!)
Next I tried the Nike Lunar Glides and had them video me running to determine my “style” Like I already knew I have an neutral foot. I mentioned that I have never liked Nike shoes because they always feel tight around my heels. The salesrep mentioned I may want to try a mens shoe-since the womens are specifically designed with a narrower heel. Good to know! Kara Goucher and Joan Benoit were there and spoke which was great!

Kara and Joan

I'll post the total race recap tomorrow but all in all it was an amazing race! I'm so glad I went and I had a super relaxing weekend with my family and friends! I did not want to get back on that Virgin America plane and leave sunny cali for snowy Boston!


Gina said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear about the race :)

Annabelle Ho said...

wow i can't believe some people pay that much just for some minutes of oxygen! and gyms totally SHOULD have bikes to blend smoothies! :)