Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Feed Me

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Project Feed Me
October 12, 2009-December 12, 2009

Project Feed Me is a nine week program designed by NoNo2YoYo to help feed thousands of hungry Families. It starts on Monday and runs through Dec 12th. The goal is to feed as many families as possible for the holidays by buying 2 food items a week and then bringing them to your local Food Bank on Dec 12th.

I just signed up and you can too with these Four Easy Steps:

1. Register and become a member of Project Feed Me
Registering for the project is important and will help Project Feed Me keep track of how many people are participating.

2. Commit to buying two of the "recommended food items" per week for the entire nine week project
(These items will not be expensive! Some weeks the items will not even equal $1.00)

3. Commit to getting at least 3 other people to become members of Project Feed Me

4. At the end of nine weeks, look up your local food bank (US here) (Canada here)and donate your items

*The recommended food items are a list of items that have been predetermined by Food Banks across the country. The recommended food items will be posted at every Monday Starting Monday October 12. It will be your responsibility to check back each week to find out what the weekly item is and ensure you are buying the foods that are recommended and needed by the food banks.

Lets All Give A Little to those in Need!!

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