Thursday, October 1, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

I have three midterms next week which means I'm stressed and shouldn't be posting, but I thought I might as well try to boost my karma while i'm MIA!

So while Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are nice, These are a few of MY favorite things:
AND Next Friday, I will randomly select 1 lucky person to win samples from a few of my favorite vendors at Expo East! 2 packets of Vega Whole Foods Optimizer in Berry-their most popular flavor-1 pb&j mini larabar and a sneak peak of the new Clif C bar shall be yours!

Vega is my one of my favorite, whole food supplements. Vega is made of all plant based superfoods and filled with tons of amazing nutrients: (more Calcium than 5 cups of milk, more fiber than 7 pieces of bread, more antioxidants than 1 cup of blueberries, more protein than 4 eggs, the list goes on and on) and its free of corn, dairy, gluten, soy and all animal products. I spread some more Vega love here and here And do I even have to say how much I love larabars??? Pb&J even kicked Cinnamon Roll from the #1 spot in my heart. The new C bars are pretty fantastic too. Plus you get bragging rights, for trying them before they hit the stores in January!

How to enter this lil' Giveaway??

  • Easy Peasy! Just leave a comment, telling me your favorite food thing and you're in the running!
  • Feel free to show some twitter love and Retweet it @ellie88 :) I'll enter you twice if you tell me you do that!

Have a great week!!! Its Vegan/Vegetarian Month So let the celebration begin!!


Janel (Dine Dish Delish) said...

Don't choose me as a winner cuz I went to EE and am slowly chowing my way through all the goodies I got!, but I thought it'd be fun to post my favorite food thing: apples. Isn't that boring? I LOVE apples (EXCEPT red delish) and eat one almost every day without fail. Mmm, hoping to get some apple picking in soon!

Annabelle Ho said...

LOVE CARROTS!!! if i have a community garden plot next year, you know what i'll be growing. :)

Tra said...

i love love peaches. and cereal.

Rach said...

I adore fresh pineapple. I eat it until I get cankersores! : )

Sara Jelley said...

I. love. cashews. Dangerous though, those little things have lots of calories. They are best with dried cranberries. :)
p.s. I RT'd you! :) (@sarajelley)

kelly g. said...

Dandies. Definitely Dandies.

Next week, it'll probably be salted soy nuts.

Will RT; I'm @easyvegan :)

nora said...

peanut buttttttttahh! :) thanks for doing the giveaway.

Jess said...

My latest food thing is almond butter. Tim and I stopped by Trader Joe's tonight and I admit I bought 3 jars. Gotta stock up, right? My bf thinks I'm crazy, but that's my food thing. :-)

Kristen @ Simply Savor said...

i'm going to have to list my favorite 2 things: Peanut Butter and Banana (eaten together of course)!! mmmm

i've been dyiiing to try the pb&j larabar flavor--hope i win :) thanks for the giveaway girl!

robin_titan said...

Oh I've never tasted these but they look yummy!

My favorite food are pomegranates. I LOVE them!

eatingjourney said...

How exciting! I am in love with strawberries right now...they're finally in season here :)


Special K said...

Right now, I am in love with NUTTZO! And Dr. Kracker's!