Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Be Boggin'

How I do love Long weekends!!!
On Saturday, we got a crew gathered for Slow Food BU and zipped down to the Cape to go to a Cranberry festival and check out some bogs!

Did you know that the cranberry is one of three fruits that are native to North America?? Along with the blueberry and concord grape, Cranberries were first used Native Americans, as food, dye and for its healing properities. New England is a major site of cranberry production and some of the plants the grow today have been around for more that 150 years!
Our first stop was the Cranberry Harvest Festival Of course there were cranberries galore!

Lots and Lots of Vendors with assorted homecrafts

No Sugar Added Cranberry Jam!
There are some bogs that are organic but I couldn't find any unsweetened dried cranberries. I did buy 1 lb of berries for 1 dollar though!

scoopin out some preserves!

Look its us in an old Ocean Spray Truck!
At the festival I saw some things that blew my mind and were totally unrelated to cranberries.
Deep fried twinkies, oreos and candybars

A "Sexy" heavy-set pigs attempting to woo you with deepfried funnelcakes

A whoopie pie the size of my hand

and people actually eat these!! omg disgusting
We were on a bit of a schedule, so after gawking at all these foods, we drove down to the actual farm-Flax Pond Farm.

Jake and Dot have owned this farm since the 60s. It is not organic, but Jack says he limits the amounts of pesticide they spray because 1) its ridiculously expensive and 2) he has grandchildren running around the farm all the time.

Flax Pond is a dry bog-which means they never flood it to harvest. Berries from Dry bogs are what you'll find fresh or frozen, where the berries remain intact. Wet bogging can squash the little berries so they turn into processed sauces, juice or dried snacks.

Jack with the berry picker!
Ocean spray sells the berries for them-dividing up profits amoungst their co-op of growers

This Man was Like the Encyclopedia of Cranberries
It was fun to get to see how a New England staple was grown and get out into the country for the day! Now I just have to go apple picking!Oh fall, How I do love you!
What's your favorite part about the fall????
Hope you're getting back into the swing of things ok!


Gina said...

That sounds like such a cool day! Jack looks so nice too.

photodelicious said...

can't believe you got to go to a bog! i am super jealous. "bogging" is definitely the new apple-picking :)