Monday, November 9, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

But First, before I unveil the winner of Stevia in the Raw just want to mention some fabulous things I did last week with some great Dietetics Ladies!
The Boston Vegetarian Festival was last weekend, on a glorious fall day. Met up with Janel, Jessica and Tim (Jess's BF).

First we watched a cooking demo by Chef Rob Beaton-Director of the Vegan Culinary Arts Program at Atlantic Union College in Lancaster MA. (Which I would love to attend btw).

Mass chaos in the exhibit room-hands grabbing people pushing. Free good veg food-what else could you expect??

The prettiest little cakes (vegan too!) ever

Local seaweed

Mini larabars and Amazing grass on discount (have I shared my love for ag yet??? Omg amazing. Will post soon) and Robert Cheeke with Vega! :) Also Ran into the one and only Wheeler of Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream Unfortunately in the chaos I did not get to see Lindsey or Gina but someday!!

On Friday, I went to the MSDA Dietetic Internship which Lindsey and Corinne organized. The directors of the top Boston/New England area Dietetics Internship Programs were there to give pointers,answer questions and just overall networking. It was a very informative several and huge thanks to Lindsey, Corinne and the rest of MSDA for putting it all together. And for my fabulous Professor Joan Salge-Blake for being her entertaining, educational self :) I have a lot of decisions to make in the upcoming years regarding my future are as a Dietitian and I'm glad I have such a great support network of amazing ladies who have all been through the same process before!

Unfortunately Lululemon Cambridge posted the wrong time on their website, so I missed the Pilates on Saturday, but I got a 5-class Passport to Yoga Studios in Cambridge!

can't wait to try them all out! Already Checked Boston Bikram off the list! Swing into the new Lululemon at 1 Brattle Sq in Harvard Sq for your own Passport!

And now, after much ado, the 2 winners of Stevia in the Raw giveaway:
Pam of Cave Cibum and Ricki of Diet Dessert and Dogs!

Email me where I should send your Stevia! Hope you like it!

Thanks to everyone that entered and to Stevia in The Raw for the Prizes!! Have a great Monday!!!

p.s. Nicole of Healthy Chow had an excellent post last week-"Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy-Definitely worth a read!"


Ricki said...

Whoooopeeeeee! I can't tell you how excited I am to have won this! Can't wait to start cooking/baking/eating! :D (will email details)!

I so much wanted to go to the Boston Veg Fest--it looks like an amazing event. Next year!

celmore said...

Great pics. looks like it was fun. Congrats to the winners!!!

Pam said...

Awesome! I'm so looking forward to giving Stevia in the Raw a try!

I went to the Veg Fest, but it was a little too crazy for me. Since a number of products were also at Expo East (where I had the chance to actually talk to them instead of just being pushed by the crowd), I wasn't crazy about the Veg Fest.

Gina said...

I was so hoping I would randomly run into someone I recognized, but sadly, that did not happen, haha. I was at the same cooking demo too, and spent a long time with that seaweed man. Also, Vegan Treats = Love. They're about 2 hours from where I live now, completely not in any way shape or form in a direction we EVER go. I've been trying to talk my husband into making the trip on the weekend for some of those pretty little cakes, but he will never go for it. He was more than happy to have some after the six hour drive to Boston though!!

cara said...

Just an FYI to Bostonians: Probably the bessttt coffee I've had in the US ever was at the Porter Square Bookstore in their little cafe the other day. Yes, near the CVS, supermarket, and natural foods place. What made me think of it: STEVIA. They actually offer Stevia instead of Splenda, etc. Man, fabulous coffee, if you're ever dying for a great cup. Not affiliated with them in any way, really believe it to be great. Here's the location, and sometimes they have free readings: Also, you can grab a couple Stevia packets for the road, if you've ever wanted to try :)